Over the roof tops

We went and visited Helsinki this afternoon, it was a bright, warm, very spring like day with temperature of +9C , but even with that taken to consideration, there were not many people walking about. We just had to get out of the house. We even had the restaurant all to ourselves, we spent lots of time looking at the cityscape opening to us behind the window. I do feel for the businesses. it is not easy to survive wit all the restrictions in place.

February 20th

I have been posting lots of shots from different beaches, here is one more post about, well beaches. The one here is from Suinonsalmi here in Finland, not so inviting at this time of year that’s for sure. Cold and windy, no snow or ice.

Moss in February light

I love the green moss and the back light of February coming from behind it.

Feb 3rd

It is so weird, it is supposed to be heart of winter and our nature is at least two months ahead. We have all the signs of spring here. I took a walk outside, no rain but a beautiful sunny day to capture oddness of this winter.