Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #242– NEW EXPERIENCES


This week Anne invites us to share experiences . Experiencing something for the first time can be exhilarating, exhausting, and engaging.

Seeing something new in nature, visiting a new city. Listening to music, sounds of nature, art in all forms. I thing I get most from seeing, experiencing natures wonders.

I have also got great joy visiting the Great ocean road in Australia. I have done several posts from that trip. I still have lots of shots not share. Awesome place. Waterfall, rolling hills, animals in the wild… I could go on and on..

I love the rugged coastline there and in Northern California

and Oregon also, memorable and beautiful experiences.

Seeing the red woods in California Sequoia National Park, the magnificent trees.

Seeing the desert and it rough beauty of Valley of fire In Nevada

Thailand, Sri Lanka, India the different type of nature, culture. European countries with the long history and beautiful architecture, Italy, The Amalfi coast, Venice. France, Paris, Nice´ on and on I could go here too

You need not go far, you can experience a misty morning or evening. Sunset or sunrise that amaze you in your own yard. It is a new experience everytime, if not, would we not try to capture when ever it is possible.

Experience – is seeing the same old as something new everytime -living the moment. It can be as mundane as experiencing your morning coffee everyday. Maybe today with toast, tomorrow with pancakes… I don’t know, we must not forget the little everyday moments.

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Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #241– Spring

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241 – Spring

This week Sofia invites us to show you what Spring means to us. Is it about new beginnings, Nature reborn or a new chance to go and enjoy the outdoors? 

This is a no brainer, I mean, obviously it is about light. Me and so many other when the spring begins to show first signs of more light the constant marvel of it… we do, every year as if this was something unexpected. The joy of it is so awesome, it wakes us up from the winter hibernation, we slowly come put of houses.

When does spring start? In 2023, the official first day of spring is Monday, March 20. This date marks the “spring equinox” in the Northern Hemisphere. That is today!

( Is the spring equinox the same as spring solstice? Equinox vs Solstice
An equinox occurs at the start of the spring and fall. The solstice occurs during the summer and the winter. Occurs on March 21 (Vernal equinox) and on September 23 (Autumnal equinox).

No matter where you are on Earth, the equinox brings us a number of seasonal effects, noticeable to nature lovers around the globe. At the equinox, Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally. Night and day are often said to be equal in length. 

The fastest sunsets and sunrises of the year happen at this time. We’re talking here about the length of time it takes for the whole sun to sink below the horizon. Sunset or sunrise you have to be quick to act, if you wait long enough you will only see tail end of it.

First you notice is the snow and ice melting.The fields with the soil coming visible and mornings of mist. Everything is brown. Only moss glows green. The lakes and sea is been freed from under the ice.

Everywhere! Forget about the weather for a moment, and think only about daylight. In terms of daylight, the knowledge that spring is here – and summer is coming – permeates all of nature on the northern half of Earth’s globe.

Notice the arc of the sun across the sky each day. You’ll find that it’s shifting toward the north. Responding to the change in daylight, birds and butterflies are migrating back northward, too, along with the path of the sun.

The longer days do bring with them warmer weather. People are leaving their winter coats at home. eople are raking the leaves from their yards. Trees are budding, and plants are beginning a new cycle of growth. In many places, spring flowers are beginning to bloom.

new fresh green – not visible here yet, but it is a sign of the glorious days of spring finaly here.

Spring is full of hope, l ight, beauty and blooming of nature. One of the best of season’s

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Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #240 – The road taken

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #240 – The Road (most often) Taken.

John from Journeys with Johnbo is hosting this week, this week’s theme is metaphoric–and not about a physical road. For this week’s challenge, I want you to think of your favorite type or style of photography as the road you’ve chosen to take most often.

I got my first own camera in my late teens. I took photos of friends and family and photos when traveling. Safe to say there are not that many photos from back then, film was expensive as was the development, and you never knew how they turned out until you got the envelope back.

When I got my kids, well I took tons of pictures of them, here I found few from the archives that I have scanned. So safe to say, I am a people photographer from the beginning. I must say, I have improved a lot, even if I say so myself over the years. I love taking photos of people trying to capture something real, and try to find the beauty we all have in ourselves, fing the best angle to get a the essence of what I see. Now I photograph my grandkids and my husband is often in my photos if I need to get a heasshot for some challenge.

Eventually when I got my first good camera I started taking photos of nature, photos from our travels. Then I got a new macro lens – then details. I learned to edit my photos and that made my photos get better, me being able to highlight more what I what to showcase in the photo.

I have mixed some of my early on photos with some newest ones. Basically I take photos of what ever I fancy, anything that catches my eye, that I find intersting I take photos of.

I have to say that hiking to place that are far and through difficult tracks is not my thing. Even though I admire the beautiful photos other have captured from these place. I look for topic near me 🙂

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Savannah – by the river

Talking about Belles, in the afternoon we rode the free Savannah Belles ferry on the Savannah River. The ferries sail a triangle between the Waving Girl Statue, the City Hall and Convention Center. The view wasn’t that great but at least we can say we were on the Savannah River. Also, we met a very nice Polish American couple from New Jersey on the ferry. I guessed their origins from his accent. However, it was the lady who did most of the talking and boy could she talk. After we parted, she walked back to us and gave us their email address in case we ever need a place to stay in New Jersey. Nice!

After the ferry we walked along the River Street enjoying its old warehouses with their shop, restaurants and bars. We had drinks at the Warehouse Bar & Grillissä and then we had to hurry back to the hotel for the complimentary cocktail hour. The evening was spent on the River Street again having dinner at the Vic’s By The River, where we had the pleasure of tasting Shrimp and Grits.

Couple extra facts: If you paint the front door of your home or business red in Savannah, Georgia, it means you have
paid it off and are the 100% owner.

Comgrats, paid it off and are the 100% owner.

Savannah has the McDonalds with walk-through window. There is a restaurant where you can get deep-fired peanut butter and chocolate chicken wings,

Savannah – Old Time Trolley Tours

After breakfast we took the Old Time Trolley Tours Hop-on Hop-off busses. We were able to use our hard-earned vouchers from Hilton Head Island ��. The tickets were $51/person, so I felt like a winner. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for the Ghosts & Graves Tour. There was so much to take it during the tour – old historic buildings, squares and parks and the bus drivers/tour guides were such a wealth on information. We rode with three different guides, and some parts of the tour were the same, but the stories were a little bit different according to the guide. The most entertaining driver was an African American woman named Red . She was a barrel of laughs. All her stories were in a told tongue-in-cheek style, but I have no doubt they were all true, all the same.

First hop-off at the Forsyth Park were we also had lunch in the café. The park had plenty of artists and Jehova’s Witnesses. Luckily the JW people don’t bother you anymore on the street. I guess they have different approach nowadays or they save the push tactics to home visits. There was a filming of another tv-program or movie on the way in one city block.

Didn’t see any famous actors. Quite a few movies have been made in Savannah and guides pointed out, for example, where the bus-stop for Forrest Gump was situated and renowned Six Pence Pub on Bull Street is where Julia Roberts’ character and her on-screen husband play out a significant film scene in Something to Talk About.

Can’t forget the Mercer House, the home of songwriter Johnny Mercer, where the events for the 1994 novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, by John Berendt and the movie by the same name by Clint Eastwood, happened. I’m not going to list all the historical buildings or places where we stopped but needless to say Savannah is a true Southern Belle.

Needles to say these are just some of the beautiful old buildings in the city.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #228 – diagonals

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #228, we’re exploring the power of diagonals.

We were invited to join this week to explore diagonals as a way to add visual interest and depth to our photos, as well as a sense of action. What diagonals can you find was asked? 

Lets have a look at what I can find in a form of leading lines, I try to use them often to lead your way to something. Cityscapes are easy place to find them. They can lead your eye, frame the scene.

Did I find them, I had to stop lookng for them as I once again have an overload of them. Sorry…and as this is mainly a photography blog I will not go into details of the locations, I would not remember even if I tried. Diagonals you will find 🙂 Sit down and enjoy the scene’s as the header suggests.

On the top collage – Photos from Florida, California and Nevada

The second set is from Brisbane – Australia and the last one has bridges from Vancouver BC, first image, Brisbane AUS and the last one is from Sydney AUS

Patti – P.A. Moed CREATIVE EXPLORATION IN WORDS AND PICTURES hosts this weeks Lens-Artists Challenge #228 – Diagonals.

Over the roof tops

We went and visited Helsinki this afternoon, it was a bright, warm, very spring like day with temperature of +9C , but even with that taken to consideration, there were not many people walking about. We just had to get out of the house. We even had the restaurant all to ourselves, we spent lots of time looking at the cityscape opening to us behind the window. I do feel for the businesses. it is not easy to survive wit all the restrictions in place.

Helsinki by night ~2

On a windy Monday evening I went to take photos of the city by night. First I visited Töölö. After that we drove to the center, I was going to try different locations but the wind was so strong that I decided that it isn’t the best of weathers to be taking photos.

Considering that I have to tripod, I think these night photos turned out OK.

Helsinki by night

On a windy Monday evening I went to take photos of the city by night. First I visited Töölö. The park between two streets, Hesperia Esplanade, was my main topic, while I waited for my husband to finish his business there.

The name Hesperia is connected to the romantic trend in the early 1800s. Hesperia was the poetic name used by the ancient Greeks to describe the mythical lands far off to the west. Hesperos refers to the evening star, and in Greek mythology the Hesperides were nymphs who tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world. Hercules is said to have collected golden apples from their garden. (text from vihreatsylit.fi)

Considering how few leaves we have at home I was surprised how many there were at this esplanade.


Archive finds ~ edition 1

From my archive i found these street photography shots and I’ve edited them to block and white. I think it gives them a more timeless, classic look. I also have color edits, o you have an opinion as to which works better in your opinion?

These were taken in Nicè France, hope you enjoy them. I like the children’s joy in them.

Hong Kong- first evening

It was in December that I visited Hong Kong and only now I went throught the photos, so they are new in that sense. I have been in a slump as I’ve stated before, now I am on the way up. My aim was to post the photos in a time line, but no, I will post them as I feel like. I will go back to my minimalist approach, few words and hopefully the picture will deliver what I want to convey; The world as I see it.

These are first impressions of the city after our arrival in the evening.

Night time in the city

Melbourne, city, night time, skyline and sunset that is what this post is about.


This is my last post about Sydney at this point. City skyline is the theme here. The day shots are taken on the Ferry to Manly.

Sydney~4~The Bridge

We saw the Sydney Bridge during day and during night time. Near and far here are the some of the day shots.

March 17

When walking in the city, this being in Helsinki there was only some dirty snow around. Cold wind, but sunny skies, here it looks like spring. Don’t be deceived, it on looks like it.