The marina view

Linlo island walk bridge view towards the marina. Same spot same time of the day as in the previous post, but the skies look so different.


How to survive November ~16

Sunshine !! I am so happy, today after many days of gray skies, drizzle or rain we had a half cloudy day, and yes, we got to see the sun and a sunset. It always amazes me the power the sun and light has. It was nice looking the other way you saw sun setting and in the other direction the half moon rising. It is now 16:37 as I stared doing this post and its dark outside. 

Weekend travels – Barösund island

Barösund consists of a few larger islands, Barölandet, Orslandet och Elgsjölandet and hundreds of smaller islands and islets. During the summer months the life in Barösund is intense and hectic, as the inhabitants tenfold. Approximately 180 persons reside permanently in the archipelago community.First we took the car ferry across, then  we visited the market area, some docks and forests. Enjoying a beautiful summer Saturday here,