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Today is supposedly the last day of summer according to article I read in the paper. The rains are coming down on us from tomorrow. Lets see what happens…

But in the mean while here is a photo I want to share. I am starting my fall by taking on painting again and I will also start to study / do sculpture after few years of doing nothing on either of these hobbies of mine. And the photo – I thought I would use this photo as an inspiration on my first painting.


Bird cages

We at a restaurant called China Lane Restaurant- style Asian fusion. Absolutely delicious. My cousin knew the place and did the ordering for us, so I do not remember what we  ate but it was one of the best meals we had in a long time. Recommendation to the place , absolutely


Sydney ~1

We were greeted in Sydney with this happy dude called Doug and  kids of Leo entertaining the crowd by singing. So here are few street photos from George street. I was sitting on a bench as this little kid slept in his dads arms while mom was doing Xmas shopping. The pretty lady across the street just caught my eye.


How to survive November ~11

Sunday was one more bleak day. Since we got home early this morning, we slept late. The joys of not having small children. Then we decorated. A new wallpaper did wonders to this room. I don’t know if I am trendy or not, but it is new and different. Our cats enjoy the flowers I bought

Festival of Leaves 2018 ~4

Dawn from lingeringvisions has started a celebration of fall #Festival of Leaves  here is one more photo to this challenge. Easy one as so many colorful leaves are visible to out enjoyment.

reeds at the lake



Festival of Leaves 2018 ~ 2

Dawn from lingeringvisions has started a celebration of fall #Festival of Leaves, I am going to give you an impressionist take on leaves. These I photographed yesterday at the rapids at Kumian mylly.


Random July 11

I am going to continue with macro shots,  hope you enjoy the colorful bubbles. 

New Blog and Monthly Theme

Hi all,

it is nearly new year and I decided to make a bold move. I changed my theme here on WP – what do you think? My aim was to lessen the clutter and give the spotlight on my photos.

As you know I am not a writer, I don’t have that much to say at least I do not think that too many would be interested in my rambling style of writing. My writing reflects the clutter in my mind, hopping and popping from one thought to an other. So to get a something other than a mind flow kind of text from me here is a challenge. I reserve that to my work.  This is for my photos, the way I see the world through my lens.

As a hint of the coming month – I am once again picking a theme. I will be visiting friends in Florida in January, so my photos will be filled with sunshine and sights. I am posting some photos from my previous trip to begin with and when I get there, my uploads will all from my mobile as I an not going to carry my laptop with me – you know I will be on holiday.

Key West sunset-92.jpg
Lets see what I will find in my archives?

December 12

Trying to capture Christmas spirit at a church concert in Mikael Agricola Church. Theme still being Blue anf white

Mikael Agricola Church (Finnish: Mikael Agricolan kirkko, is a Lutheran church located in the Punavuori district of Helsinki, Finland. It was designed by Lars Sonck and built between 1933 and 1935. The church was inaugurated on 14 April 1935.

The church is made of red bricks. The tower of the church is 97 meters high, the top reaching up to 103 meters above sea level. The 30-meter spike of the tower can be retracted if necessary as it fits inside the tower structure. This was done in the Winter War and the Continuation War so that the tower wouldn’t act as a navigational aid to enemy bombers.

The Church of St. Mary in Hollola

The Church of St. Mary in Hollola was built between the years 1495-1510: the vestry in ca. 1495, the main body in 1500, and armoury after 1505. The church of Hollola is the third largest medieval parish church in Finland and the oldest public building in Päijät- Häme region. The church, built in the mother parish of Greater Hollola, into the crossing of waterway Lake Päijänne – Lake Vesijärvi – Porvoonjoki river and the road Ylinen Viipurintie, was very centrally located. The massive stone church with high-pitched shingle roof, richly decorated gables, great cornerstones and strong granite walls, was a welcoming shelter for a traveller, kneeling down before the south side open-air altar or the altar in the armoury.

The church was built in Roman Catholic times and signs of the bygone era can still be seen: four pillars divide the church into two naves and the ribs of the two easternmost circular star vaults are decorated with paintings that indicate the area of the then main altar. The dedication crosses painted on the walls, eleven in total, witness of the dedication of the building and of the fact that Church is built upon the teaching of the Twelve Apostles. Above the door to the vestry, remains of painting depicting two angels carrying a monstrance, can be seen. This reminds the visitor of the reality of Christ in the Communion and in the Holy Place. On the base of the easternmost pillar there is the oldest piece in the church. The baptismal font, carved by master of Vehmaa in late 14th century reminds us of baptism, the sacrament of joining the Church.

During the Middle Ages, the church was lavishly decorated with wood sculptures. Twenty-four figures still exist, however their original screens have been lost. The patron saint of the church, St. Mary, has for instance been the main figure in the altar screen consisting of eight smaller figures. Today these are scattered in all parts of the church. The present antemensale, with the same motive as in the painting above the vestry, gives us a glimpse of the splendour of the medieval furnishing of the building. The doors of the church are beautiful examples of medieval wood carving and forging work, especially the door between armoury and nave. This one, with motives of lilies and the hunt of St. Hubert, is generally admired.


The belltower was built in 1829-1831 according to C. L. Engel drafts. The ground floor of the tower has a cold room for the deceased as well as a room for close relatives.

text from:https://www.geocaching.com