Something I noticed #14

A chair in a corner, just something….yes I noticed it several rooms.

A chair in a corner

Monotype prints

I spent last weekend practicing, learning to do monotype. Janet from THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER THING wanted to know a bit about the technique, so here is some explanation about it.

It is hard, nothing turns out the way you think, you have to be really careful about colors how you lay them on top of each other as they mix in the printing process. white is not recommended, and I leaned why as is blurs the colors. if you wish to have white you scrape it off with various plastic or soft tools so you so not scratch the metal plate or use turpentine.

I was not really happy with any of the prints I got. I will try to silence myself critique and show some of my attempts. sorry about the photos, I just took them quickly with my mobile.

Abstract ( my husband likes this one)

Monotype, , a technique that generally yields only one good impression from each prepared plate. Monotypes are prized because of their unique textural qualities. They are made by drawing on glass or a plate of smooth metal or stone with a greasy substance such as printer’s ink or oil paint. You can use a brush or more often a roller (cylindrical tool for applying paint or ink.)you can see them in the pictures below.

After the artwork you wet the paper for, it has its own kind paper, of course, several minutes. Then you dry the excess off by placing it between newspapers. This is an art form of its self you cannot have too wet paper or you too much paint or it spreads/leaks of the sides of the art work.

The instructor/ teacher likes this one.

You set the metal plate on the press printer , add the wet, paper on top. Next step is to add several layers of felt on top of the plate. However, the tradition of imprinting conveyed in the literature in the field is unambiguous here. When printed, the press has several blankets of different thicknesses and qualities. the basic practice is to stack the blankets so that the densest thin 1/16 remains lowest against the tile and the more porous come on top of 1/8 and 1/4. Combinations vary slightly depending on different techniques and printing papers.

You press it once or twice depending how much color you want to get on the paper.

Abstract #2

Here is a bit of my abstract shots, can you guess what I have been photographing? What do you think, too red? Photographing raw you can bring all kinds of colors out… I don’t know about you, but I had fun taking and editing these.

Taking it easy

I have tried my best to stay away from the computer these past days. I think I have done pretty well, but just to keep the momentum going here I am again.

I did not take any photos of the food I made. But this is a chicken dish from a previous meal 🙂

Easter came and went, mainly at home. We saw our sons and grandkids. I tried couple new recipes. I am getting rather good at picking them and always slightly altering them. As all the restaurants are only doing take-away food, me trying new things gives our menus some variation. Teriyaki salmon and chicken lasagne tasted so good. I am rather proud of myself as I am not into cooking all that much – I mainly make good tasty homemade food, I have not been a recipe reader, I’ve stuck what I know. That is not to say my food isn’t tasty. It is 😀 LOL. Desperate times has made me an explorer. Making it easy for myself I am posting an old photo of a chicken meal we had.

I also have been working on an art project. I have been asked to do a Triptych to be placed in a master bedroom – not a church as first comes to mind when you hear that term. A trio of contemporary art, that I do. So all three pieces are different but go well together. It is always harder to do something specific to someone’s taste and colors. Even if the origin is one of my original art.

56 – Dreams *

Please have a look at my latest collaboration with Frank from Beach Walk Reflections . His text beautifully highlighted my art that I post at ART BY RITVA.

Special thanks to Ritva for providing images of her art. Ritva is in Finland and I encourage readers to visit her photo blog Ritva Sillanmaki …

56 – Dreams *


is anyone else having issues about posting comments today, I am frustrated!!!!! I have written several comments to various posts and then I they won’t go through. It does not happen to all blogs or all comments.

After several attempts I give up….I feel like these two below 🙂

My Artwork

I got a request from a woman whose husband had once when they started dating, long time ago, said to her that his ideal woman in the beauty sense was Sophia Loren. Now she wanted to surprise him with an artwork that had Sophia in it.

So I went to work, I did several sketches and used different photos trying to capture a look that worked for me, as I need to be happy with it before I can show it to anyone. Then I asked for the main color that they wanted for the piece. It was orange. I also needed to know what size they would like it to be. Wow, they wanted it to be 100 x 140cm. That’s big I had never had one of my art been printed to that size.

I sent her this as an example of what I thought was nice and suitable for the space. She came over to look at all the options and we decided that this was the one, she saw the others too, liked this one best.

Now I had to finalize the work by going through the picture with big zoom to see that the pixels would not be too obvious, as this was BIG. I got all the the issues that I found fixed, so that it could be printed.

I think this turned out rather nice 🙂 It looked really big when we took the wraps off it, but on the wall not so much so.

it looked so Big 🙂
but on the wall, not so

If you wish to see more of my artwork you can see them at and

Sculture by Ritva

This years sculptures are done, maybe I will add some shine to them. My husband needs to build a stand for them, then they are totally a finished artwork. One more piece is ready, but I need to take a photo of it. These are just snaps with my mobile, but it will give you the idea 🙂


Today is supposedly the last day of summer according to article I read in the paper. The rains are coming down on us from tomorrow. Lets see what happens…

But in the mean while here is a photo I want to share. I am starting my fall by taking on painting again and I will also start to study / do sculpture after few years of doing nothing on either of these hobbies of mine. And the photo – I thought I would use this photo as an inspiration on my first painting.


Bird cages

We at a restaurant called China Lane Restaurant- style Asian fusion. Absolutely delicious. My cousin knew the place and did the ordering for us, so I do not remember what we  ate but it was one of the best meals we had in a long time. Recommendation to the place , absolutely

Sydney ~1

We were greeted in Sydney with this happy dude called Doug and  kids of Leo entertaining the crowd by singing. So here are few street photos from George street. I was sitting on a bench as this little kid slept in his dads arms while mom was doing Xmas shopping. The pretty lady across the street just caught my eye.

How to survive November ~12

Monday, what can you say about November Monday? Not much.  Inspiration where are you…. then there is always candles.candle light (36 of 36).jpg


How to survive November ~11

Sunday was one more bleak day. Since we got home early this morning, we slept late. The joys of not having small children. Then we decorated. A new wallpaper did wonders to this room. I don’t know if I am trendy or not, but it is new and different. Our cats enjoy the flowers I bought

How to survive November ~5

On way to survive is to listen to music. I took these photos of Michael Monroe performing at a work event I attended. Quality is not that great, but then again we are talking and taking photos of surviving darkness.48948483-620b-40a8-a6d8-e6a7422d8e76-1





Festival of Leaves 2018 ~5

Dawn from lingeringvisions has started a celebration of fall #Festival of Leaves  here is one more photo to this challenge.




Festival of Leaves 2018 ~4

Dawn from lingeringvisions has started a celebration of fall #Festival of Leaves  here is one more photo to this challenge. Easy one as so many colorful leaves are visible to out enjoyment.

reeds at the lake



Festival of Leaves 2018 ~ 3

Dawn from lingeringvisions has started a celebration of fall #Festival of Leaves

Festival of Leave ~3 



Festival of Leaves 2018 ~ 2

Dawn from lingeringvisions has started a celebration of fall #Festival of Leaves, I am going to give you an impressionist take on leaves. These I photographed yesterday at the rapids at Kumian mylly.


Random July 11

I am going to continue with macro shots,  hope you enjoy the colorful bubbles. 

New Blog and Monthly Theme

Hi all,

it is nearly new year and I decided to make a bold move. I changed my theme here on WP – what do you think? My aim was to lessen the clutter and give the spotlight on my photos.

As you know I am not a writer, I don’t have that much to say at least I do not think that too many would be interested in my rambling style of writing. My writing reflects the clutter in my mind, hopping and popping from one thought to an other. So to get a something other than a mind flow kind of text from me here is a challenge. I reserve that to my work.  This is for my photos, the way I see the world through my lens.

As a hint of the coming month – I am once again picking a theme. I will be visiting friends in Florida in January, so my photos will be filled with sunshine and sights. I am posting some photos from my previous trip to begin with and when I get there, my uploads will all from my mobile as I an not going to carry my laptop with me – you know I will be on holiday.

Key West sunset-92.jpg
Lets see what I will find in my archives?

December 12

Trying to capture Christmas spirit at a church concert in Mikael Agricola Church. Theme still being Blue anf white

Mikael Agricola Church (Finnish: Mikael Agricolan kirkko, is a Lutheran church located in the Punavuori district of Helsinki, Finland. It was designed by Lars Sonck and built between 1933 and 1935. The church was inaugurated on 14 April 1935.

The church is made of red bricks. The tower of the church is 97 meters high, the top reaching up to 103 meters above sea level. The 30-meter spike of the tower can be retracted if necessary as it fits inside the tower structure. This was done in the Winter War and the Continuation War so that the tower wouldn’t act as a navigational aid to enemy bombers.

How to survive November 2017- 26

Nearly done with this month! YES! Drove to work and it was dark. Came home it was dark. I did go to a training for work and on the way there visited an art gallery. Not too bad for a slush filled day.






old spring mattress

The springs of an old spring mattress is an art project in my back yard. I have posted photos of it before now you can see the rust beginning to take over. I wonder what it will look after the winter

An impressionist view?

I took this photo and I know it is nothing but a blur… but somehow it is an impressionist view on mist. Am I  nuts for thinking so…it kind a looks like a pastel drawing

countryside (38 of 42)