How to Survive November 2020 – 2

I decided today go out, we have a new library here in Kirkkonummi. I have to say, I was impressed. It was bright, modern with lots of seating areas here and there.

There are so many pictures here from the library that I am going to leave out the old edited photo. This is more than enough content to this post. All and all it is a nice library from the inside, and the copper siding will in turn green eventually.

If you wish to participate in this November beating challenge post your link here PARALLEL lines

Monochrome Madness (20) – Books

One of these photos is my submission to week 20 to the  Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.

I chose these photos  because I liked the looks of these books as they are, old hardcover books are so beutifully binded.They are also well read and that is the so important in a book… I thought they would look good also in BW. Hope you agree.

All details can be seen better by clicking at an image to enlarge them.

Books- Ritva Sillanmäki (2 of 4) Books- Ritva Sillanmäki (3 of 4) Books- Ritva Sillanmäki (1 of 4) Books- Ritva Sillanmäki (4 of 4)



more at Monochrone Madness tomorrow July 15th.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: More than 5 Items

I tried to think of things, and I’m sure I’d find more, but must save something for next time 🙂
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: More than 5 Items

Corner – Kulma

as this is a macro challenge – I am slowly making my way  to it – as I automatically thought of street  corners, windows, everything in bigger scale…

house corner (1) light SONY DSC 1-Note SONY DSC

more corners at:

Makrohaaste 115

Taika – Magic

This weeks challenge was hard for me – magic  – how shall I photograph it in Macro ? Well in books, you can find it there…anyway you like.

Taika Taika


more interpretations of Magic at  Makrohaaste 111


Colorful cups

I participated in a challenge to photograph something colorful – here are  some of the shots I took. I used the one above and the one with several art guides

OWP_000488 colorful books WP_000361 colorful book choices WP_000286 Lipstick Shelf red jewelwry

tina´s wordless wednesday # 86