How to Survive November 2020 – 2

I decided today go out, we have a new library here in Kirkkonummi. I have to say, I was impressed. It was bright, modern with lots of seating areas here and there.

There are so many pictures here from the library that I am going to leave out the old edited photo. This is more than enough content to this post. All and all it is a nice library from the inside, and the copper siding will in turn green eventually.

If you wish to participate in this November beating challenge post your link here PARALLEL lines

20 thoughts on “How to Survive November 2020 – 2

  1. Most of our libraries aren’t open except to drive up and pick up books you’ve ordered online. I miss going in and browsing. This is an attractive library.


  2. Upeaa arkkitehtuuria! Joskin kirkkomaisia elementtejä mukana, no hilaisuuden temppeleitä kirjastotkin… ainakin ennen muinoin. Tuo ulkokuori on kertakaikkisen makee! Täytyy muistaa käydä katsomassa, jos siellä päin kuljeskelee.

    Haastekuva on aika jännä, yksinäinen.

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