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Colorful cups

I participated in a challenge to photograph something colorful – here are  some of the shots I took. I used the one above and the one with several art guides

OWP_000488 colorful books WP_000361 colorful book choices WP_000286 Lipstick Shelf red jewelwry

tina´s wordless wednesday # 86

Wonders Challenge -Photo a day 6.1.2013

I’m going to participate in Wonders challenge ( http://wordsbyirma.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/tammikuun-haaste/) and try to take a photo once a day – topics are listed below.

Come and join the fun.

1. The first day of the year  2. in the bathroom cabinet   3.  on the table  4. light  5. blue, red, yellow  DONE

6. orange, green, purple

orange green, purple Read more