Something I noticed

I had two weeks of holiday rather unexpectedly, but I did enjoy them truly and am now back to my normal routine. I will be posting random posts with a title Something I noticed. it can be flower, a landscape, person, still life you name it. I am making it easy on myself not having to come up with a title.

Hope you enjoy my ranbom shots, life is pieced together from random experiences, so my next month is filled with small bits of joy or pleasurable sights.

Apples are fresh and ripe or not.. I think it is so nice to see my grandson get fresh apples from the tree, like the one in the first photo. The collage photos are from an apple orchard we visited on a cloudy day the single on shots from an apple tree in front of our house.

so red…


Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.     

~Anita Bryant

If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice. 


Limes and Apples

The humble lemon contains most of the vitamins and minerals. It has magical and wonderful healing powers.     

. Dr. Rajiv Sharma    

Lemons are fresh, colorful, and fragrant all year-round; they know no season. They are the most versatile citrus, and the one that keeps the longest.  

How to survive November ~19


Colors! I walked through the fruit section in our grocery store. Color therapy, bright, vibrant colors.. I think we all can agree that colors are good for the soul and fruits to our body. 

One Word Photo Challenge – Orange


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Wednesday around the world!!

Life is grey at the moment flu just won’t let go the hold of me, I need some vitamins and color therapy. I’ll have an orange, apple . Make a pot of coffee


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