Countdown to 2021-4

It’s snowing! It’s Friday! It’s Weekend!


I got out of bed 9:20, as do not have to hurry to go nowhere. It was dull gray no sigs of brightening at all, and it didn’t, it started to snow, side ways.

Friday again, I am not able to keep track of the days anymore as they tend to be all the same. Same, Same but different. I had to check from the newspaper really Friday. It was 🙂 Nothing to write about – so this is todays post!

I will be posting new and old photos somehow related to winter, Christmas and eventually anticipation of new year. My aim is to take one new photo a day, but not going to stress over it, if I don’t come up with anything.

Would you like to join us? Join in with this title and link it to my page.


Limes and Apples

The humble lemon contains most of the vitamins and minerals. It has magical and wonderful healing powers.     

. Dr. Rajiv Sharma    

Lemons are fresh, colorful, and fragrant all year-round; they know no season. They are the most versatile citrus, and the one that keeps the longest.