A book

I have been busy trying to find good photos from my archives. I liked this one for minimalism. Please tell me which do you prefer; the color or monochrome one?


MM 2-52: Monochrome Madness

this weeks entry to MM 2-52: Monochrome Madness is this close-up of a book.Ritva Sillanmäki - book-close-up

I heart Macro ~Book

BookOld books  and things have such beautiful details, like the edges of these pages in this old accounting book.
Shine the Divine

The Weekend in Black and White

More to be seen at Friday, 3rd  January, 2014.

Taika – Magic

This weeks challenge was hard for me – magic  – how shall I photograph it in Macro ? Well in books, you can find it there…anyway you like.

Taika Taika


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