Green Leaves

This is the original with added contrast and clarity

below you see the ones I used stronger editing to create different mood and colors. I find this fun and a learning experience. More “Art Photography” like.

I am cultivating my editing skills, trying to create different atmospheres with one photo.

The first one is the original with slight edits in contrast, clarity and vibrancy and exposure. This was already a macro so did not need to crop it.

Photo of a photo

I took this photo of a photo at SkyPoint (formerly Q1 Observation Deck and QDeck) at the top of the Q1 on the Gold Coast, Australia. I liked the photo and now I’ve played with it, practicing my editing skills, as I think is a great shot.

Original photo


I saw these firefighters practice in full gear, running up stairs, climbing ladders, ans carrying the victim those stairs. It looked exhausting in the +35 Celsius heat. And the situation in real situation…

I had it easier I took a photos. I edited them all slightly differently, any thoughts?

I have been following the fires in Australia as two of my cousins have been effected by them very closely. So these are relevant in that sense that you have to be prepared at all time.Keep up the skills and fitness.

Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge ~ flowers

Click the tops photos if you wish to enlarge one of the,, below the original. Edited with Lightroom


Photo-Editing Challenge : February Choice