I saw these firefighters practice in full gear, running up stairs, climbing ladders, ans carrying the victim those stairs. It looked exhausting in the +35 Celsius heat. And the situation in real situation…

I had it easier I took a photos. I edited them all slightly differently, any thoughts?

I have been following the fires in Australia as two of my cousins have been effected by them very closely. So these are relevant in that sense that you have to be prepared at all time.Keep up the skills and fitness.

6 thoughts on “Firefighters

    1. I meant to add that we should always be thankful for firefighters, police, and all other first responders. They have difficult, dangerous jobs and are vital to our safety!

    2. Thanks,it is nice to know how other see them as one tends to have ideas of what is the best one, often others disagree with me 🙂 I was aiming for minimalist approach, so that is why I have the BW high contrast one on the top

      1. I sometimes use framing on photos and I know not everyone likes that. It’s fun to play with editing a bit, though, and it can help emphasize certain aspects of a photo or give a different feel to it.

        1. that the fun, trying to find the main point in the photo and trying to bring it out the best you can. I am trying to learn how to edit more “unreal” not to be stickler to the topic. as I usually do. Being as realistic as possible.

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