Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #242– NEW EXPERIENCES


This week Anne invites us to share experiences . Experiencing something for the first time can be exhilarating, exhausting, and engaging.

Seeing something new in nature, visiting a new city. Listening to music, sounds of nature, art in all forms. I thing I get most from seeing, experiencing natures wonders.

I have also got great joy visiting the Great ocean road in Australia. I have done several posts from that trip. I still have lots of shots not share. Awesome place. Waterfall, rolling hills, animals in the wild… I could go on and on..

I love the rugged coastline there and in Northern California

and Oregon also, memorable and beautiful experiences.

Seeing the red woods in California Sequoia National Park, the magnificent trees.

Seeing the desert and it rough beauty of Valley of fire In Nevada

Thailand, Sri Lanka, India the different type of nature, culture. European countries with the long history and beautiful architecture, Italy, The Amalfi coast, Venice. France, Paris, Nice´ on and on I could go here too

You need not go far, you can experience a misty morning or evening. Sunset or sunrise that amaze you in your own yard. It is a new experience everytime, if not, would we not try to capture when ever it is possible.

Experience – is seeing the same old as something new everytime -living the moment. It can be as mundane as experiencing your morning coffee everyday. Maybe today with toast, tomorrow with pancakes… I don’t know, we must not forget the little everyday moments.

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20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #242– NEW EXPERIENCES

  1. There is nothing more fun and energizing than seeing the world’s most beautiful places Ritva, but as you’ve also shown, the same beauty can be found most everywhere if we are only open to it. Beautiful post.

  2. OMG Ritva, other than Europe, you’ve taken me back to some of my favorite places from the Great Ocean Road to the Valley of Fire. You’ve also pointed out that every day can lead us to a new experience. Wonderful response to this challenge.

  3. Wow… Beautiful landscape images. I also love these trees!
    What fabulous travel experiences, Ritva!!

  4. Wow, those trees are simply amazing! Like the rest of your photos – you have beautiful nature shots in this post 🌟. But you’re also right about new experiences that can sometimes be right under our noses … we just have to be “awake” to recognise them!

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