Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #243– Tricky

Lens-Artists Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky!

This week Donna invites us to share tricks .

I know…It’s Tricky! Enjoy the chance to think outside-the-box for this challenge. What tricks do you use to get the shot you want? I don’t know if I really have any…. editing, that is my main trick.

One thing I often do to get great nice bokeh shots is have a flower in my hand outstretched towards the sun coming throughout the trees and taking a macro shot that way… easier on my knees 🙂 mostly I like to take close ups so that the object is back-lit.

somethimes you just have use thte natural settings, bend down and get the shot.

Water , droplets splash… usually I need assistance, often from my husband, or the water dripping down from the spout to the water barrel below. Or like my here my husband dropping Ice into the the glass

Drops in a barrel

Trick, well I think the most impostant trick is to be observant and have patience especially when photographing nature, animals, bugs. Well anything really, many times getting a a good shot is due to a good luck. Right time at the right place. How you place the camera. Mostly that you pay attention. That’s my trick really.

People photography is a art of its own, you have to find the essence of the person, and the right angle to bring the best of the peole features, expressions to shine in the the photo. Once again, be alert.

Composition, framing the photo is essential for a great shot depending what you want to enhance and showcase in the photo. Below some shots from Amalfi coast.

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22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #243– Tricky

  1. Well said and shown Ritva. Of these the little boy with the truck is for me truly perfection. Beyond that, your flower and bug photographs are terrific and your tricky shots are wonderful too. Great response for the week.

  2. Oh, I like all your tricks. Especially those of the ice in the glass and your Amalfi Coast pictures are just beautiful! The boy with the truck and the guy with the dog in the background are also favourites! Great photos (and tricks) Ritva – well done! 🌟

  3. Wow. A fantastic gallery, along with a great explanation. I particularly love the framing shots from the Amalfi Coast. They all draw the eye to something else, and a curiosity along with it.

    My favorite have to be the droplets-all of them. I love seeing the reflection, your reflection in the barrel drops, and my favorite the ice cube where the trees and house are also reflected. Great trick to share. Some trickier than others, and yes…you define patience and being observant. Fantastic!!! Always favorites from you.

      1. My husband who isn’t too interested in my blogging world, unless he is worried about my “stories”, came in the room when I was looking though your post. HE was also impressed with your work. lol. Good on you, my friend.

  4. Beautiful gallery, Ritva! I liked the second picture of flowers from a different perspective. Also liked the water splattering out a glass and the one of the boy with a truck on his lap. Great captures!

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