Throwback Thursday

We all have these photos … throwback photos! Don’t we just… so many. It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”. I am posting my fsecond (#TB Thursday).Thursday

This time I am posting photos from the Baltics, the rooftops from Latvia. This is what the rooftops looked like in Riga at 2012 when I visited it with my sister. I love old towns, and the architecture in them, many time the decay in the buildings brings the little something extra in the photos.

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Wow Ritva, the views you had are stunning! All those different roofs – love it! And you’re right, even if it’s a little weathered, it still makes beautiful photos.

  2. Love these, Ritva! Like you, I love old towns and the all too frequently decaying architecture

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