Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #240 – The road taken

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #240 – The Road (most often) Taken.

John from Journeys with Johnbo is hosting this week, this week’s theme is metaphoric–and not about a physical road. For this week’s challenge, I want you to think of your favorite type or style of photography as the road you’ve chosen to take most often.

I got my first own camera in my late teens. I took photos of friends and family and photos when traveling. Safe to say there are not that many photos from back then, film was expensive as was the development, and you never knew how they turned out until you got the envelope back.

When I got my kids, well I took tons of pictures of them, here I found few from the archives that I have scanned. So safe to say, I am a people photographer from the beginning. I must say, I have improved a lot, even if I say so myself over the years. I love taking photos of people trying to capture something real, and try to find the beauty we all have in ourselves, fing the best angle to get a the essence of what I see. Now I photograph my grandkids and my husband is often in my photos if I need to get a heasshot for some challenge.

Eventually when I got my first good camera I started taking photos of nature, photos from our travels. Then I got a new macro lens – then details. I learned to edit my photos and that made my photos get better, me being able to highlight more what I what to showcase in the photo.

I have mixed some of my early on photos with some newest ones. Basically I take photos of what ever I fancy, anything that catches my eye, that I find intersting I take photos of.

I have to say that hiking to place that are far and through difficult tracks is not my thing. Even though I admire the beautiful photos other have captured from these place. I look for topic near me 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #240 – The road taken

  1. Beautiful photos, all. I do have to concur about difficult hiking to capture a view. I’d love to take more waterfall photos, but it seems they are always a mile or two hike away. A decade ago, I’d probably have made the trek, but not so much anymore.

  2. I especially loved your images of your family Ritva. To be honest I’d forgotten the feeling of “opening the envelope” to see what have developed. I have dozens of scrapbooks from those days almost all filled with people and the occasional set of travel images. I absolutely remember my discovery of the digital camera. What a little miracle it was – and still is!!!Here’s to its evolution and ours too!

  3. I am not into hiking too far out ether….
    and so i can relate to your comment on that
    – your post had such wonderful photos – and the children shots that led us into the colorful gallery was quite moving.

  4. Beautiful shots. I love that photo of the toddler on the beach with the reflection. Also loved that photo of the boat against the silhouette of the sugar factory.

  5. Your family photos are precious and beautiful, Ritva! The landscape and nature are breath taking.

  6. Great take on the theme. I love that you walked us through your history as a photographer. I agree with the “old” envelopes. With the kids, it seemed like they already looked different by the time the photos came back. I especially love the boat, off in the distance, because from where you take the photo you seem to be following it. The macros are stunning. The mushrooms are a favorite there. As you know, Ritva, always a pleasure to see your work.

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