CB&W ~ Stairs

the CB&W topic is outdoor-ways-to-move-up-or-down -my take on it is mainly stairs. Here is my input for this week . These are new edits from my visit to France.

Archive finds ~ edition 1

From my archive i found these street photography shots and I’ve edited them to block and white. I think it gives them a more timeless, classic look. I also have color edits, o you have an opinion as to which works better in your opinion?

These were taken in Nicè France, hope you enjoy them. I like the children’s joy in them.

June – laundry day

Nicé _ laundry (1 of 1)-2Nicé _ laundry (1 of 1)

June – the light

I love how the light touches the waves of different shades of blues, making the glitter brightly under the dark intense clouds above.sky & sea (1 of 1)-3

Dark clouds


During our visit to French Riviera we saw this amazing sky, so deep colors and beautiful contrast between the colors of the sea and the intensity of the clouds – amazing sight!