Hartola – Koskipää mansion

Visiting Hartola for the first time, there is not that much to see but we saw the main attractions I assume.

The main green building dates from the 1828. The larder is from the same period and has been built over cellars which date back to the 18th century.

Koskipää Mansion

The red side building was constructed in two phases, first came the “savupirtti” (literally a smoke-hut in which there was no chimney) built in the 17th century. The work was finished in the 1850’s. The yellow building, which was the main one during the middle of the 17th century, is not used as a museum.


The shed in which the harnesses and carriages were formerly kept now houses the agricultural section of the museum, and dates from the 1880’s. The windmill was build in 1840. The buildings were all originally here except for the windmill, which was transported to the museum in 1965.

A day walk in Seurasaari

Here are some photos from our day walk on a Beautiful summer Sunday in Seurasaari Island, Helsinki. Hope you have the time to go through all the pictures of this lovely place.

The island provides a lovely setting for outdoor recreation, sun worshippers and walkers. The tame ducks, swans and geese swarming around the white wooden bridge welcome everybody. Notice the baby swans next to the rock

Having crossed a visitors can see buildings from all over Finland that have been relocated to Seurasaari island. The buildings represent various aspects of living in Finland from the 17th century to the 20th century. There are currently 87 buildings in the museum.

The nature is strongly present in the Seurasaari Island, wild flowers, trees , small wood areas. The paths make it easy to walk around without disturbing the nature.

Old milieu of Strömfors Ruukki

Old milieu of Strömfors Ruukki ( Ironworks area) old building in a beautiful setting.

The Weekend in Black and White

A street view from Tammisaari, Finland

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia Tones

I think Sepia colors works well with old buildings and things – and portraits.




2-DSC04857 1-Ritva's Photos (21 of 152)



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Fort Langley B.C

Fort Langley, is a beautiful small town, in recent years, many of the village’s old buildings have been restored. The restorations, combined with its rural setting, access to the river and mountain vistas,  and the old Fort itself, make it a thriving tourist center. Outdoor recreation includes canoeing, fishing, hiking . The town has served as a filming location for commercials, TV shows and movies, with its striking yellow community hall usually featured prominently.

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