Maposa , Goa (80)-6

Portrait # 3

Young woman Maposa , Goa (43)-2


I love taking photos of people. I try to capture a moment in the photo, A true feeling, not a plastic smile. I say this woman sitting and taking in the life around her – and took the shot. Black and white portraits are something I really enjoy. I have here the original photo in color and this final version. Do you agree with me that the BW has more magic in it?Maposa , Goa (91)-4

I have  here also the original photo, color crop, and first version in BW…what speaks to you the most, please let me know.

Black and White – Old Lady

This portrait of an old woman at Maposa Market in Goa id my entry for

The weekend in Black and White

Old Lady from Maposa , Goa

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia Tones

I think Sepia colors works well with old buildings and things – and portraits.




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