Värikollaasi ~Darkness

These are  from Lapland a place called Lomavietonen, where I stayed during my visit. I can Highly  recommend the place. Friendly and  good service, delicious food. Me and my collaques were very happy to stay there. More at Värikollaasi 215

Skywatch Friday – Lapland blues

These are taken in Ylitornio in Lapland around 4 PM, with my mobile phone, so the quality is not totally up to my expectations, as we took a snow scooter ride through the woods. Untouched nature around us what can I say, I have never been a winter person, but the nature there in all blue tones in just gorgeous.

More skies at: Skywatch Friday


I am so happy I visited Lapland, indigo was so much present there, before the dusk. These are unedited photos so you can see that  the blues there are so real and powerful, The first one is taken on top of the ice…around 7 am, the second about hour later from the window… last one around 5 pm in the evening. 1-DSC08145 3-DSC08293 2-DSC08321



Fences in blue hues

These pictures have been taken in slightly different times. The blue hues change quickly, and the few minutes we saw small resemblance of light behind the clouds the hue and tones of blue changed completely. As always, all photos can be enlarged by a click.

Snowy boat

the snow must have come as a surprise as the boat is still right next to the lake just pulled up from the water, can I see a motor in the back also.Lapland (8 of 112) Lapland (7 of 112) Lapland (6 of 112)

Husky ride in Lapland

As I was able to experience a husky ride in Rovaniemi, Lapland. I can recommend the experience. The Huskies enjoy it as much as the passengers in the sledge.

Silent Sunday

This is an unedited photo taken in Lapland, the blue moments there are amazing…don’t you agree? Hard to believe, but this was shot around 10 am…


Hi, just in case if someone misses my photos or notices that I am absent from the blogging world. I will be visiting Lapland and the Arctic Circle until Saturday evening, work can be fun.. So most likely you will see lots more photos of snow in days coming, maybe a rain deer or two…huskies.

See you at the end of the week. These photos are near my house in Southern Finland and all can be enlarged by a click 🙂