Something I noticed #4

Just a detail…something I noticed that appealed to me.

A testament to a moment spent with friends or family enjoying a cup of coffee and an ice cream. Dishes left to be cleared away…not having to do them yourself. Small joys of life.


Does this picture tell a story or do I just want to believe so 🙂

Something I noticed #3

Just a detail…something I noticed that appealed to me. A rusty old lock

A rusty barn door lock

Details of carriages

Details of the harnesses and carriages were that dates from the 1880’s.

I did a set in color and in black and white, as I’ve said before, the atmosphere is totally different in them, in my humble opinion. Do you agree or disagree?

A swift carriage, of a dark night, rattling with four horses over roads that one can’t see–that’s my idea of happiness.

Henry James

Valley of Fire~5

my last post, for now , from Valley of fire. I thought we could do with a splash of warm orange hues, sunshine and warmth that has been in these photos. Sorry for the overload. This also works as my diary I gather my memories here. So these are smaller details, textures from this location and a bird and a lizard.

Nature’s pearl

Past few days we have had several rainy days and that has let me to a droplet chase. I am rather pleased with few. You will be seeing them in my coming posts. The green is so powerful and healing. The droplets are nature’s pearls. I added also the B&W versions too. This minimalist style also works in rather well in B&W photos, in my humble opinion 🙂

MM 4-9: Monochrome Madness

Here is my post for  MM 4-9: Monochrome Madness  a detail from a boat and spiderweb

HEL 170617-3

No Name

This is an air ventilation pipe, and for some reason I took a photo of it, and I like it. It’s shiny for one thing…

air ventilation