New Edits #2

British Columbia mountains, a new edit of this lovely spot on our way to Whistler mountain.

St Kilda

St Kilda Pier

We also visited St Kilda Pier it’s history dates back to 1853. Providing panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline and Port Phillip Bay, the pier is a popular destination. I liked how I was able to capture the skyline behind the sailboats at the pier. The opportunity to see a penguin in it’s natural habit at a place like this was something unexpected.

Melbourne -rails

Here are few more photos of train stations and another popular transportation in the city – City Circle trams

Railway crossing at Brighton Beach
City Circle Tram

Melbourne – Flinders St Station

Next place, Melbourne, first stop is Flinders Street Station. Opened on September 12th 1854, Flinders Street Station was the first railway station built in any Australian city. I especially liked the fixture of the station’s façade, the clocks date back to the 1860s and continue to display departure times today.

Sydney~9 ~Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden of Friendship


This is my last post about Sydney at this point. City skyline is the theme here. The day shots are taken on the Ferry to Manly.

Sydney~6~Opera House

I am still in the city of Sydney. the Sydney Opera House looked better in my opinion in the dark with lights on. Oddly enough I was not the only one taking photos of it 🙂 I tried to find different angles when taking the photos.

Sydney Opera House in the dusk

I like the shots with the boats best… Obviously the top one with the sail boat is my favorite.

Sydney~5 ~Bridge Night time

I have to say the city sights looked nicer, more impressive at night time. The Bridge

The top one is my favorite…

Sydney Bridge

Boynton Beach, FL, February 11

I’ve been home for a week, trying to recover from the time difference. Catching up with work and all the normal stuff at home. I am trying to go through my photos, all  2035 + of them.  This photo has all the elements I enjoy, sea, sand, clouds and sun. Florida shots (341 of 2035)

I sat on one of these rocks for a long time watching the waves hit the rocks. Meditating to me. Then I started taking photos of it…these are from Boynton Beach, FL.

January 24

Some history, we visited Hemingway’s house. Here’s few shots from there.

January 22

Delray Beach art festival was packed, there was some beautiful art admire, but ended up not buying anything but farmers market has some tasty French bread

January 21

The beauty of the sea, clouds and sand. It does not matter if it’s not sunny I am at the beach anyway.Delray Beach

Delray Beach FL, January 20

Delray Beach- even if cloudy so lovely

Fruits and Vegetables

vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables fruits Fruits fruits pineapple fruits

Venice -few traditional shots

20130416-venice 003 - Copy
20130416-venice 004 - Copy
20130416-venice 006 - Copy
20130416-venice 007 - Copy
20130416-venice 008 - Copy
20130416-venice 009
20130416-venice 010
20130416-venice 011
20130416-venice 012
20130416-venice 014 - Copy
20130416-venice 015
20130416-venice 016
20130416-venice 017
20130416-venice 018
20130416-venice 019
20130416-venice 020
20130416-venice 021
20130416-venice 023 - Copy

Memories from Firenze

20130416-Firenze 013
20130416-Firenze 017
20130416-Firenze 011
20130416-Firenze 018
20130416-Firenze 016
20130416-Firenze 002-002
20130416-Firenze 014
20130416-Firenze 003
20130416-Firenze 022
20130416-Firenze 010
20130416-Firenze 012
20130416-Firenze 007
20130416-Firenze 019
20130416-Firenze 020
20130416-Firenze 021
20130416-Firenze 006
20130416-Firenze 004
20130416-Firenze 002-001
20130416-Firenze 005
20130416-Firenze 015