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Dona Paula Beach

This place is located close to Miramar beach in Panaji . Lanes leading to this place are narrow  and under construction. Our driver took us through the locals way. This place has a nice promenade right into the sea and there are many shops on one side selling local handicrafts, clothes and snacks. the other tourists were mainly locals. We climbed up the stairs to the top and enjoy a great view of the vast Arabian sea in front.


Valokuvatorstai  Turkoosi

281. haaste

I had hard time today finding turquoise things – but afternoon shadows helped. Here are also some pictures of a beautiful turquoise sea…

varjo aalto Kivi Kypros Turkoosi meri rock in the sea sea


In this week’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, we’re challenging bloggers to get outside & photograph things in nature which make them feel peaceful!

I do not like winter,but  it is beautiful now that the snow has arrived to brighten the few hours of light we have here in the north, this scenery is peaceful in spite the fact that it’s freezing.
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