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Twelve Apostles in Victoria , Australia

No words needed.

Carmel by Sea

I truly enjoyed this town, I could have stayed there longer. Nice shops, art galleries, restaurants. Nice, clean town for tourists and locals to enjoy. We had breakfast at a place a local recommended, I have to say it was a good recommendation.

Valley of Fire~2

Valley of Fire consists of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone mountains.  The sandstone is from the Jurassic period and is the remnant of the sand left behind by the wind after inland seas subsided and the land rose. Early man moved into southern Nevada as far back as 11,000 years ago. The most obvious evidence of occupation from about 2,500 years ago. Here is the first set of photos 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

foreshadow [fɔːˈʃædəʊ] vb (tr) to show, indicate, or suggest in advance;

Would this qualify – these suggest that a good meal is to be prepared…great produce, sea food, vegetables, flowers, hmm n…

7-Seattle-518 5-Seattle-7 4-Seattle-24 2-Seattle-18 3-Seattle-19 1-Seattle-64 6-Seattle-403


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Stanley Park – Vancouver

I Spent a day in Stanley Park In Vancouver – it is a beautiful park – living room of people in Vancouver? here are photos of it and from it…art, sports, boats, weddings, gardens and nature


Vancouver, Stanley park-147 Vancouver, Stanley park-155 Vancouver, Stanley park-153 Vancouver, Stanley park-274 Vancouver, Stanley park-158 Vancouver, Stanley park-169 Vancouver, Stanley park-270 Vancouver, Stanley park-161 Vancouver, Stanley park-175 Vancouver, Stanley park-172 Vancouver, Stanley park-265 Vancouver, Stanley park-174 Vancouver, Stanley park-183 Vancouver, Stanley park-199 Vancouver, Stanley park-208 Vancouver, Stanley park-210 Vancouver, Stanley park-215 Vancouver, Stanley park-233 Vancouver, Stanley park-260 Vancouver, Stanley park-239 Vancouver, Stanley park-242 Vancouver, Stanley park-279 Vancouver, Stanley park-261 Vancouver, Stanley park-262 Vancouver, Stanley park-282 Vancouver, Stanley park-284 vancouver, Stanley park-346 Vancouver, Stanley park-320 Vancouver, Stanley park-323 Vancouver, Stanley park-294 vancouver, Stanley park-332 vancouver, Stanley park-339 Vancouver, Stanley park-293

The Tall Ships Races

I spent an evening at The Tall Ships Races in Helsinki. Here are few photos from one of the – in my opinion most beautiful ship there

The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races The Tall Ships Races



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Pike’s Public Market – Seattle

Seattle-60 Seattle-3 Seattle-7 Seattle-15 Seattle-27 Seattle-24 Seattle-17 Seattle-23 Seattle-26

Fruits and Vegetables

vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables fruits Fruits fruits pineapple fruits

Memories from Firenze

20130416-Firenze 013
20130416-Firenze 017
20130416-Firenze 011
20130416-Firenze 018
20130416-Firenze 016
20130416-Firenze 002-002
20130416-Firenze 014
20130416-Firenze 003
20130416-Firenze 022
20130416-Firenze 010
20130416-Firenze 012
20130416-Firenze 007
20130416-Firenze 019
20130416-Firenze 020
20130416-Firenze 021
20130416-Firenze 006
20130416-Firenze 004
20130416-Firenze 002-001
20130416-Firenze 005
20130416-Firenze 015

Tina’s PicStory *spitz* – *spikey, pointed*

picstory # 86 – spikey

Paris Paris Paris Paris