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CB&W – transportation

Editing Black and White images is fun, I have a limited amount of photos of public transportation’s but I did find few for CB&W theme this week.

Trams seem to be my favorite public transportation to photograph. So there are trams from Helsinki, San Francisco, Melbourne. Buses and metro from Hong Kong. Ferry from Sydney and Hong Kong. Last but not least a train from Melbourne. I did actually find several as I started to look through my archives. Happy travels in public transportation.

Tram in San Fransisco
Tram in Helsinki
Sydney Ferries
Train at Flinders Street station in Melbourne

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Public Transportation (no cars or trucks)

Buses in Helsinki Sri Lanka buses


Buses in Sri Lanka buses in Bangkok


Tram In Helsinki tram in Riga



trains in Helsinki

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Public Transportation (no cars or trucks)