CB&W – transportation

Editing Black and White images is fun, I have a limited amount of photos of public transportation’s but I did find few for CB&W theme this week.

Trams seem to be my favorite public transportation to photograph. So there are trams from Helsinki, San Francisco, Melbourne. Buses and metro from Hong Kong. Ferry from Sydney and Hong Kong. Last but not least a train from Melbourne. I did actually find several as I started to look through my archives. Happy travels in public transportation.

Tram in San Fransisco
Tram in Helsinki
Sydney Ferries
Train at Flinders Street station in Melbourne

CB&W~Lines and Angles

For this weeks CB&W challenge I am revisiting my Hong Kong photos from December. There are lots of lines in the building s over there

Lines and Angles –just because

Hong Kong – looking down

I will be posting more photos from my trip when I am over the euphoria of spring. But at the moment I will leave this topic for the next rainy day.

Hong Kong Skyline

I am trying to get my photos from January posted, so I can get to my current photos. I actually have some new ones, not many, but few. This post has photos from the skyline of Hong Kong, buildings. I most likely will later post some of them again by themselves, but the elimination process is hard.

Evening meal

table is set

I did take some photos from our first meal, so I might as well share them. How did I do with a subject not so explored by me.

And couple BW shots

Hong Kong- first evening

It was in December that I visited Hong Kong and only now I went throught the photos, so they are new in that sense. I have been in a slump as I’ve stated before, now I am on the way up. My aim was to post the photos in a time line, but no, I will post them as I feel like. I will go back to my minimalist approach, few words and hopefully the picture will deliver what I want to convey; The world as I see it.

These are first impressions of the city after our arrival in the evening.

Hong Kong day two

My feet are killing me. We have used the tram, ferry, underground and a taxi and walked around the city. All photos with the mobile phone.