CB&W ~ Roads

This week topic is roads. Here are some roads I have traveled. Road, street, highway in the city and countryside under clouds, mist and trees just to give the photo some effect.

On the road

My dairy of our trip continues, as we left Las Vegas. We started our road trip first destination was Three Rivers in California. Here are some shot taken from the drive, you quest it, there might be a # 2 and even #3 for this topic too.

We sure were happy that on this Friday we were heading out of Las Vegas as the traffic towards was rather congested. Nice long lines of cars. This was to be our longest drive at one time the following stops we had planned to be shorter. So we listened to music, looked at the changing scenery and I took photos from the moving car 🙂

Hong Kong- first evening

It was in December that I visited Hong Kong and only now I went throught the photos, so they are new in that sense. I have been in a slump as I’ve stated before, now I am on the way up. My aim was to post the photos in a time line, but no, I will post them as I feel like. I will go back to my minimalist approach, few words and hopefully the picture will deliver what I want to convey; The world as I see it.

These are first impressions of the city after our arrival in the evening.

How to survive November 2017- 26

Nearly done with this month! YES! Drove to work and it was dark. Came home it was dark. I did go to a training for work and on the way there visited an art gallery. Not too bad for a slush filled day.






How to survive November 2017- 23

Sunday morning  and day  was no surprise to me it was grey and rainy again. In the afternoon there was a hint of light just before it set. We drove to Helsinki and on our way back 16:30 it was dark again. The joys of light.

xmas lights (5 of 9)

How to Survive November 2017 -8

Matinkylä (4)

Yesterdays sunshine turned to rain, me and a huge amount of others went to the mall to escape the rain…these are taken on the way home. Quite notable is  that this is also taken little after 3 PM… what a difference a day makes.

Which way – to work

For the longest time( read winter) this was the first time I drove to work when the sun was rising. We are moving towards light, Yes!

The quality is no the best as the car window was so dirty and I took these with my mobile, but the joy is here for sureon the road-0010 on the road-0011 on the road-0012


This is linked to :http://ceenphotography.com/

The Weekend in Black and White – in the mist

mist looks good in BW too – No?