How to survive November 2017- 27

I started late and I am doing the same with the end- a day late. Welcome December. Today we got snow, it won’t last… but it’s here now

How to survive November 2017- 26

Nearly done with this month! YES! Drove to work and it was dark. Came home it was dark. I did go to a training for work and on the way there visited an art gallery. Not too bad for a slush filled day.






How to survive November 2017- 25

An other day has gone, at work I ended up at IKEA buying stuff for our office. Can you believe it, I think it was my first time having lunch there, I did not eat their best-seller, meatballs either,  but da, daa… one more experience in my bag.IMG_7798

How to survive November 2017- 24

What can I say, November can look good if you make the effort to be in the nature at the right time, pay attention to color contrasts and details like rocks on the ground or drift wood. If you just look at it – it’s OK, but the wind factor makes the weather very harsh.

November day (22 of 73)


How to survive November 2017 – 20

One more day in November to survive, slush in coming down sideways and for sure I have no desire to be out there. At work I have lit the candles and only gone out to go and have my usual Thursday desert at the restaurant nearby. The shitty weather can look good if you crop it small enough 🙂

how to survive (5 of 7)

How to survive November 2017 – 19

Suomi 100  – Finland 100  we are celebrating Hundred year of independence this year. And there are lots of Blue and White products out there. These two lift your mood, candle light and tasty chocolate. suomi 100

How to Survive November 2017 -13

Thursday. The restaurant we daily use has Pea soup as one of the main dishes and crepes with ice cream, strawberry jam and whipped cream for desert every Thursday. That helps the survival weekly. Tasty!!jätski

How to Survive November 2017 -12

Wow,half way into  November, this morning was so dark and the ground was covered in black ice, but  fortunately I just had to walk to my car – less than 50 meters so I did not fall down.  Later the day this wonderful thing called sun made it’s appearance too. I  am counting the days  as it is not that common  to have that many sunny days at this time it of the year. That is not a fact statement, more like my own observation. I work full time so I have to take photos near our office.   All around us,  there are construction site’s and high cranes so those are my spotting’s for todaycranes

Walking back to the office from lunch I had to photograph this wonder once again (sun).

How to Survive November 2017 -11

I am surviving it’s grey outside, but i have a new hair color so all is good! Is this not one of the most annoying questions, what should I do with my hair? This time I solved it this way. Blonder, shorter.  The other question is, what should we make for dinner?


Do you agree with these very important questions or do you have better annoying and hard and more important questions?

How to Survive November 2017 -10

Monday, I arrived to my work at 7:30 and the first thing I did is, I lit a candle. It created nice reflections on the mirror placed under the decoration.  Mission accomplished. Then it was time to go and make a pot of coffee to start the day off… Decoration

How to Survive November 2017 -9

Fathers day. In the morning I baked a carrot cake, I have to say it is rather delicious!  After that I started preparing our Mexican lunch / dinner, not bad either.  so it was rather good day food wise. Raining, so we spent the day inside. All this baking and preparing of food,  I forgot to take any photos, until now. So here is a photo of a half eaten cake. IMG_7619

How to Survive November 2017 -8

Matinkylä (4)

Yesterdays sunshine turned to rain, me and a huge amount of others went to the mall to escape the rain…these are taken on the way home. Quite notable is  that this is also taken little after 3 PM… what a difference a day makes.

How to Survive November 2017 -7

I was coming to the parking garage from grocery shopping to see sunshine and rain in  November Kirkkonummi parking garagethe afternoon. It was just after 3 PM and the sun was already going down.

How to Survive November 2017 -5


The reflection on a train window – not something I get to photograph that often or that it would come to my mind to do so, but it is November. And the sun was shining again today. That is a wow factor for sure!