on the road

What clouds, I loved the contrast of the dark clouds against the autumn color by the road as we drove in to the rain and finally to the otherside of it towards the raindow.

Autumn as seen from the highway

April Saturday

I am so waiting for spring and summer that I drove to this small shop in the countryside that this lady keeps in her barn and home to buy linen clothing which is so nice to wear. Natural fabric and bright colors are the items she brings from Italy to her shop. I did not need anything but I did end up buying a green linen dress, a fuchsia linen tunic, necklace, and scarf to match the colors of the tops I brought. I cannot wait to wear them.

That what I wrote above is why I took these photos on our way there, I mean come on, April and the day was as wintery as it could be, it snowed several times during the day. Well, new snow is the death of the old snow as a Finnish saying goes.

on a hill looking down
Flooding ditches
snow covered field in April under grey skies
trees on a hill

On the road

I took a drive on this grey and misty day to barn shop about 40 km away from our house, just to buy some clothes I wanted, not needed. I don’t need anything, that is for sure, but sometimes, something new , warm and soft to lift my spirits is needed. That is what I try to convince myself. I tend to be cold very easily I often have woolen sock on in the summer, well not during a heat wave, but on those normal days.

Update on my purchase, I bought a BIG light beige cardigan and woolen top which was a mixture of a poncho and sweater in light brown. Poncho with sleeves, that what is is. No photos of them, but instead I offer you some road views from the drive.

CB&W ~ Roads

This week topic is roads. Here are some roads I have traveled. Road, street, highway in the city and countryside under clouds, mist and trees just to give the photo some effect.

Big Sur – Willow Creek view point

Continuing the route, these are views from Willows Creek view point.

35°53’33.774″ N 121°27’39.978″ W

It’s utterly beautifulawe-inspiring, and humbling in every way. Hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful landscape from the California Coast through my eyes and lenses.

Big Sur – Cabrillo Hwy

The following posts will have bunch of photos from Big Sur, California. We drove the Cabrillo Hwy and took in all the beautiful views on this route. This time my husband had found the brake in the car, he has a tendency to drive directly to the destination. As this was a scenic route we stopped many, many and once more many times.

It’s utterly beautifulawe-inspiring, and humbling in every way. Hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful landscape from the California Coast through my eyes and lenses.

On the Road #2

I loved spotting the trees on the rolling hills. Considering I took these from a moving car I think they came out rather good. For some reason this kind of images appeal to me. I often take photos of a lonely tree of few trees? Do you have a favorite topic you come back to?

Tree on a hill

All the rolling hills on this part of the drive appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities 🙂

On the road

My dairy of our trip continues, as we left Las Vegas. We started our road trip first destination was Three Rivers in California. Here are some shot taken from the drive, you quest it, there might be a # 2 and even #3 for this topic too.

We sure were happy that on this Friday we were heading out of Las Vegas as the traffic towards was rather congested. Nice long lines of cars. This was to be our longest drive at one time the following stops we had planned to be shorter. So we listened to music, looked at the changing scenery and I took photos from the moving car 🙂

How to survive November 2018~3

It is that time of the year again that survival is definitely on my mind. The all consuming darkness drains me. I will survive, I will drive into the mist and disappear….




Towards the light

Finnish summer night, walking towards the light

misty summer eve-27

Driving into the mist

Driving in to the mist, lovely sunrise at 7:30, misty road and fields around us.
morning mist-001074

morning mist-001073