On the Road #2

I loved spotting the trees on the rolling hills. Considering I took these from a moving car I think they came out rather good. For some reason this kind of images appeal to me. I often take photos of a lonely tree of few trees? Do you have a favorite topic you come back to?

Tree on a hill

All the rolling hills on this part of the drive appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities 🙂

7 thoughts on “On the Road #2

  1. Maisemapuut ovat usein erikoisia yksilöitä, kauniita tai känkkyräisiä. Niiden tehtävä on kaikessa yksinäisyydessään herättää maisema eloon.

  2. Beautiful set of pictures, Ritva, and especially so considering they were taken from a moving vehicle – I especially like the 4th one. Adrian 🙂

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