How to survive November 2018~1

It is that time of the year again that survival is definitely on my mind. The all consuming darkness drains me. I will survive, I have sunshine on the horizon in December. Most likely most of my photos will be by my mobile as the darkness does not really invite you to take photos unless you are in a city. I do not often go to Helsinki, but the day we got the first snow, not officially, it melted ½ hour before it could have been mentioned as first snow. I saw it and for me it was the first snow of the season. I have to admit I was not thrilled about it.  Helsinki railway station in the evening is what I will share as my first post for November.

Helsinki railway station

16 thoughts on “How to survive November 2018~1

  1. Surviving November is a hard task every year. Good idea photographing it…but a bit envious of Australia though! Hopefully you will post some light photos from down there!

      1. Ritva, yeah I don’t like seeing dirty slushy snow. That’s almost depressing. The good news if you can call it that is January will be here before you know it. 😉

  2. Fascinating to hear from someone living so far north, Ritva – I’m in the south of the UK and even Scotland has significantly more darkness than we do. I spent some years on the equator too – 12 hours’ daylight every day, all year! So that coming back to England in the autumn was a definitely darkening experience, but after nearly 30 years I’ve got used again to the light here. Look forward to Australia!!! Adrian 🙂

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