How to survive November 2020-11

Water bottles

Yesterday was not a good one, I was uninspired, bored, tired. I did edit the photos for this post, I took on Monday evening from a restaurant we stopped for a bit to eat, but could not get on with posting them.

That is so totally sad, well I guess most of us have days like that or not. I allowed myself to do nothing, I watched TV, news, lifestyle programs, news, soccer. Finnish national football team won France, the world champion. WOW! After that it was time to go to bed!

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water bottles in color

How to survive November ~25

How to survive November ~ 22

Saturday morning we drove the Helsinki, there is shoe store with very good service and knowledgeable personnel. In May,  I one tendon split and other was torn on my left foot,  unfortunately it has not healed. So,  as our trip to Australia is approaching,  I needed to find sandals / shoes that can accommodate my insoles that have been especially made for me. Story short.I got comfortable shoes, but they are not fashionable, that’s for sure.  I am not posting photos of the shoes. Lunch, we had lunch and while waiting for the food to arrive I took few photos.

Random July 5

Lunch at Restaurant Scola in Barösund, Inkoo


June – few more minutes

Restaurants in old town in Nicé making preparations before opening for dinner. Someone was hungry and patiently waited for service

Interesting Menu

pistory # 96 – interesting

I love the bread goes to sauna…hmmn, what could that taste like?