I took a drive by myself to enjoy the nature in Kopparnäs in Inkoo as it was a nice May day. Not cold, not hot. As it was a weekday I was one of the first to be there. When I arrived a group of kids in daycare had been enjoying the morning there and were just about to leave. One of the girls was complaining that she had not enjoyed it reason being that the water was cold 🙂

It was windy in the first spot I stopped, but as I walked little bit further I found a spot were I was shielded from the wind by the trees, but I was able to enjoy the view, sun enjoy the hum of the wind, the sound of the sea and birds singing. So nice, so calm.

I would not me if I did not have my camera with me, but even to my surprise I took less the 40 shots and I was there nearly three hours 🙂

Glimmering sea

Anyone who has followed my for a longer period of time ( I have been on WordPress for NINE years) knows I love the sea, sailboats and clouds. I captured these when visiting Kopparnäs, Inkoo last Sunday. I got so much pleasure watching the beautiful glimmering sea and the sailboats in the distance. If you look closely you might spot a swan there too. I hope was able to capture my feelings of the moment in these photos.


It was Sunday again and it was sunny again, we went out of the house again. Lots of repeats! Last time we went to this place, it was on the Storvik side in the spring. Now in autumn we are on the more rocky side, in my opinion, at Kopparnäs. Lovely place, not crowded this time, families and couples strolling the seaside. In this post, I have photos from the forest and our walking campions, our two grandsons.


We visited Kopparnäs-Störsvik and we were treated to undeveloped coastline as far as the eye can see and rocky outcrops rising high above sea level. The area was perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet of the forest and seaside. Watching the swans – they were eating most of the time 🙂

Random July 5

Lunch at Restaurant Scola in Barösund, Inkoo


Weekend travels – Fagervik

     Situated beautifully by the lake, in the midst of lush vegetation and ancient trees, Fagervik is well
worth a visit, I loved my visit there.  Nowhere else in Finland can such a complete 18th century milieu be found. The mansion
with its French garden was closed, the church we peeked from the outside and throught the gates, the cottages and the iron forges all bear witness of generations
of industrious labour and devotion to the land.