Beautiful in Black and White 11

I have a soft spot for black and white photography, I was once again reminded about the importance of exposure, light. It is the key element in these photos.

Sunset in B&W is it’s own thing to capture once again it comes to the light, lowlight in this case. How it enhances the shapes and creates shadows.

Sunset in Naples Pier. Unfortunately it was destroyed in Hurricane Ian, but I have a memory.

Naples Pier, Florida
Sunset in Miami

The way that light hits objects, I think, is one of the more important things that sculpture and photography share. – Rashid Johnson

Key West sunset

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I am currently on my vacation here are few shots from my trip, but I will come back to this topic when I get back home. Oh by the way I am in Crete 😊



“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don`t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton


First I want to thank you all the followers for their support on my November survival.

Kiitos seurasta marraskuun selättäjät!

At the end of the month I got an eye infection, so I got well behind in my replies to your encouragement and comments. I hopefully was able to reply to them today. I have not been a very frequent visitor to my fellow blogger due to the thing. The light from the monitor irritates my eye. I am on the mend and in weeks time it should be nearly as good as new, or at least as it was prior the infection.

During this darkness I am dreaming being on a beach at sunset. Here is one beautiful memory.


The light is lovely, air soft and warm with humidity high, that’s what midsummer has been this year. We usually don’t get long hot spells, this time yes. Last night I went out after midnight and captured mist over the fields with the setting sun giving a beautiful pastel glow to the sky.

Pastel sky
Mist over the fields
Lovely atmosphere

Blue hour

I have done my best to stay away from the computer and social media, I have not posted in days or answered any comments. I will be doing that today. I spent nearly a week at our summer place enjoying a mini summer, we don’t usually have summer temperatures at this time of the year. So I took the advantage of it with all I have. Spent time in the hammock, spent all of the day outside Saw the miracle of spring summer bloom in one day. Amazing green is surrounding us at this moment.

Country road in the mist

As my last post was shared and it featured night shots, I am going to continue that theme. Saturday night we had a rain shower that lasted for about a hour and after that it cleared. At 11pm I went out side with my camera for a short walk, the air was so fresh and the mist on the fields lovely -I started with t the blue hour and watched as the sun was about to set. Here are some shot from my walk…

Good night

First evening at our summer house, here I am sitting by the fire, now I can see the last moments of the sunset. This photo I took hour ago.


Not for any other reason than, I like this shot. Cows in the field with sunset behind them.

Amalfi sunset

I had seen this post( below), but for some reason I totally forgot to respond.

Today’s invitation goes all the way to Finland, where Ritva is trying to survive the dark of a Scandinavian winter. Take us away to somewhere sunny, Ritva, and if you do, link or pingback to my post/blog. Or just enjoy my photo when it gets dark, Janet thanks, I did enjoy yours 🙂

Amalfi at sunset

Heure bleue

the last stripe of light in the horizon a Lake Humaljärvi in Kirkkonummi. I love the blue tone – heure bleue as they say in French.

End of summer season

It is that time of the year again that we closed the summer house for season 2020.

We packed all the linens away and emptied the refrigerator and cupboards from food. Racked the leaves, well actually we run the lawnmower over them and this way the all the nutrients will remain in the ground.

So these are this season’s farewell photos, Enjoyed a lovely sunset and warmth of the fireplace plus the beautiful night sky you are able to see in the countryside as there are no street lights.

Naples Pier – Before & After

Naples pier in Florida

I like this shot of the Naples Pier I took few years ago. The sun was low and it came shining under the pier. I transformed it to blank and white image. I think i works both ways.


Beautiful sunset in Lahti Finland
Sunset at the countryside

Beautiful sunset at near my summer house in Lahti, the green fields and orange sky make a beautiful contrast. Mist always adds an extra plus to the scenary

Ihana auringonlasku lähellä mökkiäni, vihreän ja oranssin kontrasti on aivan ihana. Sumu aina tehostaa kuvan tunnelmaa. Kyllä kesällä on niin kaunista.


Last weekend ended our long summer heat chapter of temperatures around +30 C, it is not that common to have that warm weather here. I am getting old, as I who loves the warm weather, thought that it wont’t hurt if it comes down a bit. It didn’t need to turn to +15 C and rain, but it did, that Finnish summer for you.


Well on the last warm “tropical evening” I drove to several lakeside spots to capture the lovely sunset. The mosquitoes did bother me a bit, but it was a lovely evening.


Half moon over Salajärvi

Reeds by the lake at sunset

New Edits #8

Not much editing was needed here, it was a really warm sunset in yellows and oranges. Sea, Sailboat, sunset, that is a picture made of. Warm regards to all 🙂

Sunset in Negombo beach

New Edits #7

Negombo Beach

I have very fond memories of our visit to Negombo in Sri Lanka. This was taken on the beach in front of our hotel. During the day the sand was so hot, but in the evening so nice and warm under your feet.

New Edits #1

I have edited a bunch of old photos some are new finds that I did not remember taking and some I am re-posting after new edits, over the years I have learned view things and I now have lightroom that i use to edit. I am able to bring out new details to some photos. This is taken n a boat as we were sailing towards Vancouver

Mountains from BC Vancouver


Beauty, majestic nature. Just beautiful, sunset at sequoia. All unedited photos 😀.


Yesterday driving back to out summer cottage on the last stretch of the way I took photos of the sunset on three different lakes. Iso kukkanen , pikku kukkanen and the last one was Salajärvi. To make the story short, it was a lovely and warm summer night.