My oh my…

Thank you all my blogger friends who have been with me for years, I truly appreciate you and am inspired by you. A BIG thank you to all my new one I am up to 1999 followers as of now, one short of 2000. Nice to have here. I have been doing this for years and my aim has never been to search or do things that would create a huge following. I just do my thing post photos, sometimes I might even say something 🙂 I is my photo journal, diary of sorts of things I see and experience.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Heartfelt thanks!


First I want to thank you all the followers for their support on my November survival.

Kiitos seurasta marraskuun selättäjät!

At the end of the month I got an eye infection, so I got well behind in my replies to your encouragement and comments. I hopefully was able to reply to them today. I have not been a very frequent visitor to my fellow blogger due to the thing. The light from the monitor irritates my eye. I am on the mend and in weeks time it should be nearly as good as new, or at least as it was prior the infection.

During this darkness I am dreaming being on a beach at sunset. Here is one beautiful memory.

Thank you!

I am amazed, I really am!

It was way back (2016) when I was so happy to have 1000 followers and now slowly, but surely it is now 1700 followers. You have to come to follow me on your own accord, not due to my activity on commenting or following that many new bloggers, as I am rather bad at that. Thank you all for staying on with me all these years and for the new ones, THANK YOU SO MUCH for he follow! I do truly appreciate it, as I do not do this to gain followers, not really, but I appreciate you liking my recent ramblings and photos.

I remember that back in the days you took an apple to say thanks’, so here you are!