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Time flies it is already mid July, the grass has burned due to sun and is just brown, yellow, beige…as we have had hardly any sun in past month. We have had a lovely weather, even a little bit too hot weather. I will not complain, I like this better than cold.

I have not taken that many photos this summer for the reason that I have been working with no holidays. Hopefully we will do some short trips during weekends.

Fiskars. Old window.

This weekend was an exception as I took a short road trip with a friend of mine. We drove to few small towns, had lunch and ended the day in a divercity shop as it said outside the building. I will post some more photos of it in a separate post as it was so over the top, the whole store… 🙂

The diversity store

I was also able to capture lovely shots of my grandkids, the youngest is a pro, he is three, but made all the moves of a professional as he posed to me. The six year old was not so keen, I got 10 photos of him versus the 68 one that I got from him younger brother.

To end the weekend went to a restaurant in Helsinki, there was Spike Lee and Jasper Pääkkönen(a finnish actor) straight from Cannes, were enjoying the summers day lunch on this huge patio by the sea with us.

How to survive November 2020-22

Still life

I sat next to this window all weekend, the window needs some fixing, but for photography purposes it was great. The cracked paint on the frame was art.

Stil life

Frozen flowers is one of my ideas to create a monotype, this did not happen, this weekend was just trying to learn the technique, and even that is not totally absorbed, don’t know if it is the right work for this, but hope you get the drift. Now I know at least what tools to bring to the next session also time for few ideas to “brew” in my mind.

These are my first attempts with this medium, not all that grand, but I will post them here so they will remain as a memory in my blog.

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