Blue hour

I have done my best to stay away from the computer and social media, I have not posted in days or answered any comments. I will be doing that today. I spent nearly a week at our summer place enjoying a mini summer, we don’t usually have summer temperatures at this time of the year. So I took the advantage of it with all I have. Spent time in the hammock, spent all of the day outside Saw the miracle of spring summer bloom in one day. Amazing green is surrounding us at this moment.

Country road in the mist

As my last post was shared and it featured night shots, I am going to continue that theme. Saturday night we had a rain shower that lasted for about a hour and after that it cleared. At 11pm I went out side with my camera for a short walk, the air was so fresh and the mist on the fields lovely -I started with t the blue hour and watched as the sun was about to set. Here are some shot from my walk…

19 thoughts on “Blue hour

  1. Yes, a very beautiful place – and light so late in the evening. Are you actually within the Arctic Circle, or just south of it? 🙂

    1. Our summer place is about 130km from Helsinki to the north, so we are at the south of Finland.The arctic circle is about 700km north from us, but we do have the bright summer too, but the sun does set for us. at this time around 10PM in June around 11PM The nightless night lasts from Kilpisjärvi from 22 May to 25 July. . During this time, the sun does not set below the horizon at all, so the soft daylight continues through the night.

      1. That’s really interesting, Ritva. I’ve googled Kilpisjärvi and now have a much better idea of the geography of Finland. Thank you! 🙂

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