We spent a day at our summer housecleaning after winter. I have to admit the first time you go there in spring time it is always a bit disappointing as everything is brown, and gray. No leaves on the trees. Hopefully in a months time it will be something different again.

IMG_4100 (Muokattu)


After my walk, first taking in the beautiful fall colors on the ” big”road,  to enter the small roads between spruce forest, I arrived to this lovely lake view. It was a glorious October morning, all quiet and still. This were my first shots as I came to my destination – a peaceful moment by the lake.

more to follow…

White Water Lilies #3

Waterlillies -Mustio-32Waterlillies -Mustio-31

White Water Lilly #2

Waterlillies -Mustio-37

White Water lilies

Waterlillies -Mustio-30


Water LillyLumpeen kukka-3Lumpeen kukka-2

Foggy Friday

I was driving in the countryside and once again stopped at this lake in Vols as I’ve done many times before, it looked different as the fog was there to do its magic. This Foggy Friday looks good in pictures.
Vols Fabruary (2)Vols Fabruary (5)Vols Fabruary (6)Vols Fabruary (14)Vols Fabruary (20)Vols Fabruary (28)Vols Fabruary (35)

Landscapes from Ruuhijärvi

Yesterday was according to the weather forecast the last warm day(+24C) for a while. In the evening in turned grey, and today the temperature is only +6C andskies are grey, looks rainy. Not too happy about that. Summer does look great at this time of the year here in Southern Finland.

Life of a dandelion

Past week the weather has been great here in southern Finland, I’ve spent my days outside. Sunshine and warm temperatures, what  a bliss. Today it has rained and I’ve been posting my pictures taken this past week. This weed is lovely ,it is summer, but a pain in the garden. Here is the story of dandelion – as I see it. From beginning to end.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge


These paths are from Espoo, Finland.  Click  the photos to enlarge them.

More roads and paths at Cee’s Photography

The Weekend in Black and White

We have no snow here in Southern Finland at the moment, but these are taken about a year ago. White Xmas is just a wish this year…but these seemed appropriate for the season to create Christmas Spirit.

More at:  Friday, 20th December, 2013.