White Water Lilies #3

Waterlillies -Mustio-32Waterlillies -Mustio-31

White Water Lilly #2

Waterlillies -Mustio-37

Water Lilies #4

As I stated in my first post, I took hundred photos at least…I think these are the last photos of pink water lilies I will post for now. There are white ones and yellow ones too, and the leaves… the # 5,#6, etc. will continue.Waterlillies -Mustio-64Waterlillies -Mustio-62

Pink Water lilly #3

Waterlillies -Mustio-55Waterlillies -Mustio-25

Water lilies #2

Pink water lilies, aren’t they just gorgeous?Waterlillies -Mustio-53

Water lilly #1

I visited a beautiful  lake in Mustio in Southern Finland, and it has this lake with a water lilies. I took about hundreds photos of them. I will be sharing many but not all of them.waterlillies-12