How to survive November 2020-27

Table lamp

Friday!! Yes, weekend !! As if it made a difference – not! The same continues with only one difference, I can serve myself some wine. I don’t drink during the week, so tonight I can enjoy couple glasses of wine and relax! Small joys of life.

I took this photo from our hallway – entry – foyer( I could not make up my mind as to which word to use, I wrote them all down) yesterday, but as I edited it today… I should have paid more attention to cleaning, as you can see cat hair on the lamp shade if you look closely. Apparently I didn’t , must be the dim light 🙂 as it is there for everyone to see.

One of the lamps on the side console tables is giving nice muted light to the space, on the wall is a rya (A Scandinavian knottedpile woollen rug, used as bed-cover and tapestry) I did 30years ago. It nicely takes the eco away from the space.


Last night the moonlight beautifully shone into our bedroom.

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Blue moon of May

The past weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny skies. Loved it. I also loved the moon that lit up the field behind our summer place, it was so bright and shine.