WIndow view of green

I was looking for a specific photo, by the way; I did not find it, instead of that this popped up. The old glass in the window makes the woods hace a rippled effect, very artistic with out any editing.

I can hardly wait until we have this green surroundings again. All this white… enough

Old Window

Something I noticed #12

Window, I know again. Just something I noticed and really liked.

Three takes color, and then two black and white ones with different exposures and contrast.

The darkest version is my favorite. That was not hard to guess, it think 🙂

Something I noticed #9

Doors, windows. Looking in or out, discovery of something or just a door or a window. Just something I noticed.

Something I noticed #8

Window view. Looking out, and it looks so nice. Just something I noticed.

and it snowed

Yesterday we had bad weather, it snowed and was windy, that condition on the roads were really awful. There was a major car accident on the freeway, 88 car collision. Ten people were taken to hospital. it took them six hours to clear it. Also several other smaller ones, not a graet day to be on the road.

I am so happy that I was able to watch and photograph the snow blizzard through my window from the warm comfort of my home.