Frosty morning

Morning Sun behind the frosty trees

We have had several cold days this week, but the weather should be warming up a bit. This cold certainly brings us nice and sunshiny days and the clear starry nights. The amount of clothing you have to wear to keep warm. Layered clothing is the thing or just stay inside, which is the option i use the most.

We have been seeing news about Texas and other areas that are not used to winter conditions and the problems they are having…so sad.

15 thoughts on “Frosty morning

    1. Thanks, yes I read that, but the idea of not having heat or water is awful. Some years back we had a winter storm and we were out of water for few day… bad, but with out electricity also… On the positive side I have three boys and a husband I could tell them to go and take a leak outside. Write their name in the snow 😀

  1. Wonderful reminders of winters in Illinois. Texas is truly suffering as are other areas and there’s another big storm on the way. If only we could just load up an enormous truck full of water, food, and fuel and drive it there…although one truck would make only make the tiniest dent.


    1. it is bad, if your state country is not prepared to these kind of circumstances. Like in Finland, if you have a house, it should have a fireplace so you are prepared if there is no electricity so you can keep your house warm. – or at least one room. Or at least this was true at some point, not totally sure about the legislation at this time

        1. I just read the blog of someone who’s lived in Texas for quite some time and she said cold and snow like this aren’t unusual and happen 2 or 3 times every decade. I found that interesting. I knew what you meant, too. 🙂

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