White Mallard

This summer I saw for the first time a white mallard. I had to look twice to believe what I saw. I was happy to have my camera with me and not only the mobile. I rushed from the restaurant to the dock to take photos of this rare sighting, at least for me it was that. Have you come across one?

white mallard

Bird watching

Yesterday was if one is to believe forecast the last warm day and the temperatures are going to fall. I took the opportunity and went out to take photos. Lately I haven’t had much time to dedicate to this dear hobby of mine. Swans, ducks and goose are what I saw yesterday.

Weekend Reflections – A duck

Ruuhijarvi-57 Ruuhijarvi-60


A duck in the park in Heinola

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Welcome to Wednesday in Heinola

This is Heinola’s Marine area. Heinola is a lovely summer city   ..Welcome to Wednesday around the world!!




Pieni Lintu

Wednesday around the world!

Some photos from my walk at lunch time at the Market place in Helsinki.

1-WP_000424 2-WP_000418 3-WP_000420

Pieni Lintu