Travel memories 8

No travel in sight, so I am going to post photos of lovely places I have visited. I will keep it simple, lots of posts, less words is the theme in these posts.

I was going to leave Capri, but I have to share more of the beauty I saw. I am in no hurry, the travel ban is not going to lift anytime soon.

View to the coast at Capri, Italy

Boating on a warm sunny day at the coast of Capri, wouldn’t that be something…

View from Capri

I love the sea, beaches, forests, mountains, countryside and lovely cities and the people in them. Colors; blue, green, red, white, yellows and what ever you can find around you. I love beauty and these photos remind me of beauty I have seen.

Welcome to my travels, some of them you might seen before…well, that’s life! Let’s go with the flow…

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      1. Theoretically, an invite number – but a lot. The Mediterranean blue around Capri is quite different the Ligurian Sea a short distance to the north … and definitely different than Caribbean Blue … and all are different than open ocean blue. It’s now in my queue, but I have a future beach walk about blue. 🙂

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