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Marjaniemi is the westernmost point in the island at the end of the road in Hailuoto. 

Marjaniemi has been a harbour and a fishing location for hundreds of years. It is still an important harbour in the Bothnian Bay. The importance of fishing in the old days for the fishing village and villagers is still present today.  Even today, considerable amounts of herring, whitefish and salmon are unloaded from ships in the harbour.

Pilotage started in Marjaniemi in the 18th century and still continues.  One of the most popular attractions in Hailuoto is the Marjaniemi lighthouse, built in 1871 and opened on 3rd September 1872, guiding the sailors for a long time now.

Clouds and Marjaniemi Lighthouse
Lighthouse in Hailuoto
in this image I edited the ugly radar spar built next to it.

Hailuoto is the largest island in the Bothnian Bay. The island started to rise from the sea approximately 2,000 years ago and continues to do so. Eventually the island will adjoin mainland. The island has been inhabited for at least 1,000 years. Fishing was naturally essential for the islanders as was agriculture. By the end of the 19th century, population on the island had reached 2,000 inhabitants but by the 60’s and 70’s started to fall. In 1980, the number of inhabitants had dropped below 900, but since then has increased again steadily and is now around 1,000 residents.

Hailuoto natural environment is an asset and we do our best to preserve it for future generations by different conservation programmes.  Protection covers birds, shoreline and unique esker formations. The rising shoreline is constantly changing and thus forms a living conservation area. The built environment in Hailuoto is characterised by well-preserved traditional buildings and therefore, together with its unique nature, Hailuoto was designated one of the national landscapes in Finland and actually the only one with national landscape covering the entire municipality. ( )


Byron Bay Lighthouse

We all need a lighthouse in our lives to lead us, whatever it is, a person, place or state of mind. This came to my mind as I saw all the news about mourning people for Prince Philip. I myself am not one to mourn for people I do not know.

I sympathise, with the person who has lost a loved one, but for me to get really emotional about some celebrity or public persons passing is unlikely to happen. That is just me.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Perched on the central California coast, 50 miles south of San Francisco, the 115-foot Pigeon Point Lighthouse is one of the tallest lighthouses in the country and has been guiding mariners since 1872. The five-wick lard oil lamp and first order Fresnel lens, comprised of 1,008 prisms, was first lit at sunset, Nov. 15, 1872.

Pigeon Point’s original name, Whale Point, was inspired by the gray whales that migrate past the point. California’s boom from Gold Rush to statehood brought many ships to these perilous waters. 

Those who have followed me for some time know I love lighthouses, so you are not surprised about the amount of photos from this place.

How Tall is the Lighthouse?

It is
100′ above ground to the focal plane of the lens.
115′ above ground to the top of the tower.
150′ (about) above sea level to the focal plane of the lens.

The information is from

February 12

I love lighthouses, we visited this one on a very windy day. I was totally worth the drive. Beautiful beach and views. Standing tall and majestically along the south end of the Key Biscayne shoreline, the Cape Florida lighthouse is a staggering sight.

Florida shots (890 of 2035)

It’s not hard to imagine the towering structure once guiding mariners and fisherman in the 1800s, back before LED navigation lights and other standard lighting fixtures found on modern-day boats.

It’s a beautiful piece of history, left over from a not-so-kind history of Indian attacks, Civil War battles, hurricanes and other harrowing and heroic times in Florida history, and it’s a treasure that has withstood more than its share of wear and tear over the decades.

“It’s very peaceful there, very breezy and the water is extremely clear and clean

In fact, the Cape Florida Light – which sits as a stately landmark within Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park – remains the oldest standing structure in Miami-Dade County, though it has been reinforced and refurbished several times since its original build in 1825.  the keeper’s cottage is there also,  It’s a replica, of course, as are the antiques and artifacts inside, which give a glimpse of life as a secluded keeper’s family before Indians chased them away.



January 27

Key Biscayne lighthouse

Portugese fort

This is going to be my last post about my trip, most like all are bored of them by now. BUT  every now and them there might be a picture from here and there.

This is the largest and the best-preserved Portuguese bastion in Goa and was built in 1609-12, to control the entry into the river Mandovi and to protect Old Goa from potential enemy attacks.

Strategically located at the estuary of the river Mandovi, this fort was constructed in 1612 as a guard against invasions from the Dutch and the Marathas. The walls of this fort are 5 metres high and 1.3 metres wide. Little surprise then that this remains to be the only fort that was not conquered by any invaders during the 450 yearlong rule of the Portuguese empire.

One Four Challenge – January week 4

I Have enjoyed seeing other people’s entries to this so I thought I would enter with my all 5 photos at one time. The first i the original one.

The others are me playing with tones and colors, all can be enlarged by a click

Oregon 283

2-4untitled (2 of 2)Oregon 283-004untitled (1 of 2)

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Daily Post ~ Silhouette

Monochrome Madness (23) – Point Vicente Lighthouse

The top one of these photos is my submission to week 23 to the  Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.  This light house is from California,  Point Vicente Lighthouse.  I did various versions of this, the original photo is at the bottom of the post.

Ritva Sillanmäki - CA light house (1 of 2)

Ritva Sillanmäki - CA light house (3 of 3) Ritva Sillanmäki - CA light house (2 of 3)


Ritva Sillanmäki - CA light house (1 of 3)

Ritva Sillanmäki - CA light house (1 of 1)



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Black and White Wednesday ~ Lighthouse


Oregon-LighthouseMy Memory Art

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: The Letter “L” ~ Lighthouse

Oregon coastline - one lighthouse-29

One more Light house –  from Oregon this time

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: The Letter “L”

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Color to B&W



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Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : Upward

Looking up at a lighthouse and up in the lighthouse Oregon.

2-Oregon coastline - one lighthouse and an other-125 1-Oregon coastline - one lighthouse and an other-118

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Lighthouse in Oregon

Lighthouse in Oregon Lighthouse in Oregon

Tina’s PicStory: *zäune – fences*

*zäune – fences*

These fences are from Cyprus

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