Byron Bay Lighthouse

We all need a lighthouse in our lives to lead us, whatever it is, a person, place or state of mind. This came to my mind as I saw all the news about mourning people for Prince Philip. I myself am not one to mourn for people I do not know.

I sympathise, with the person who has lost a loved one, but for me to get really emotional about some celebrity or public persons passing is unlikely to happen. That is just me.

13 thoughts on “Lighthouse

  1. Haha, I think I’m the same as you re the duke’s death – and soon there will have been 24 hours of BBC news coverage re the event, which is really too much.

    1. We have lots of coverage on it in the papers, not so much on news on TV. I always wonder how people get that emotional on passing of well known people. I need a personal connection to mourn for someone so much. Now I am going to say something that might not agree with some but… I really do not understand that when people say: I miss you or think of you everyday after years of person passing by… I men how can you live on if you are all the time thinking and missing someone ?

      1. I certainly agree with you about the mourning for well known people, Ritva, I can’t get into that kind of behaviour. However, I lost two treasured people 25 years ago and more now, and I do think about them and miss them every day. I’m going on living fine – LOL! helped by much Belgian beer! – but my missing them doesn’t interfere with my ongoing life. There is sadness certainly, and I think that losing them has made me a stronger person, given me a different view on things if you like, so its not an entirely negative thing – though I would like nothing more than to have the two of them here still. 🙂

        1. I’ve lost most of my relatives, including my parents when in my twenties and sister few years ago. I know loss, but I have to admit I do not think of them daily or miss them daily. I have fond and lovely memories that come to mind every now and then, especially on holidays. But time has changed the sadness more to memories. The loss certainly changes you and the way think.

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