Daily Post PHOTO CHALLENGE – Dialogue

With an intuitive approach, I considered the photos’ subject matter and graphic attributes and chose those that resonated with each other, creating cross-dependencies and visual analogies. They’re combinations that tell a story.

The resulting dialogue — they story they tell — is the creation of each viewer’s individual perception.


I Heart Macro Week 34 – Veikka the cat

I Heart Macro Week 34

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Memory lane_0081_NEW Memory lane_0085_NEW

As I am having trouble falling a sleep – joy is a good night sleep or a refreshing nap during the day. Also it is a joy to watch a child fast a sleep

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

On the border of waking up

Hetki unen ja valveen rajalla. / the moment of waking up

moment before waking up what...i'm awake


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