I Heart Macro ~ wilted flower

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I Heart Macro ~

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I Heart Macro Week 43

Welcome to Wednesday around the world!!

Details from a flower bouquet I got…

Pieni Lintu

Kivi – Stone – Rock

I love stones outdoors, in the nature – and on my fingers and around my neck…jewelry is one of my vices.

Makrohaaste 131


Macro Monday

Orchid DSC02958


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KESÄN KASVI – Summer plant / flower

kesän kasvi kesän kasvi kesän kasvi




KESÄN KASVI – more at:

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Makroviikko 95 – some small thing

Makroviikko 95

Pieni esine / Small thing

all these small things I have at work

nasta Klemmarit laukkupidike 2 huulipuna

Makroviikko 91 – Knob – Nuppi

Makroviikko 91

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i heart macro

i heart macro

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