MM -3 -47 -Cafe

My entry to Monochrome Madness is this photo from Villa Rullud in Espoo, they have there a cafe that is open once a month on a Sunday.

Winter (48 of 100)


WEDNESDAY AROUND THE WORLD – strange thing happened today, the sun came out – it took me sometime to recognize the odd event – Then I remembered. it was the Sun…sun light. ooh, What it does to the soul is  so good

Pieni Lintu

A cafe at the market place in Helsinki

Seats in the cafe
Seats in the cafe
Cafe at the market place
Cafe at the market place

Today at Helsinki

As I needed to run some errands in Helsinki, I did not take my camera with me, but I had my phone with me , the sidewalk looked so pretty as the flower arrangements on the lamp posts brightened the view.

Cafe / Weekend Reflections # 221

These are reflections from a Cafe’s glass roof

Merry Christmas! (Weekend Reflections # 221)

Window Reflection (Weekend Reflections # 165)

Window Reflection 

These reflections are from Cafe Ursula in Helsinki

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