Visiting Cafe’s

I have not been taking many photos lately, last weekend I made an exception as I went to Helsinki.

I was even too lazy to take my camera, just my mobile. Here are some street photographs. These are focused on cafe’s that all seemed to be full, we had to wait over 40 minutes to get our coffee 🙂 That time we spent people watching

My favorite image is the header.

MM -3 -47 -Cafe

My entry to Monochrome Madness is this photo from Villa Rullud in Espoo, they have there a cafe that is open once a month on a Sunday.

Winter (48 of 100)


WEDNESDAY AROUND THE WORLD – strange thing happened today, the sun came out – it took me sometime to recognize the odd event – Then I remembered. it was the Sun…sun light. ooh, What it does to the soul is  so good

Pieni Lintu

A cafe at the market place in Helsinki

Seats in the cafe
Seats in the cafe

Cafe at the market place
Cafe at the market place

Today at Helsinki

As I needed to run some errands in Helsinki, I did not take my camera with me, but I had my phone with me , the sidewalk looked so pretty as the flower arrangements on the lamp posts brightened the view.

Cafe / Weekend Reflections # 221

These are reflections from a Cafe’s glass roof

Merry Christmas! (Weekend Reflections # 221)

Window Reflection (Weekend Reflections # 165)

Window Reflection 

These reflections are from Cafe Ursula in Helsinki

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