Small joy is this too, my office has a new paint and I placed the furniture differently and my space looks different which’s nice. Veikka has moved in with me, taken over the armchair I got for myself. I am rather pleased with the result. The only thing new is the paint and the new area rug. There he lays sleeping and snoring while I write this post. I notice the photos ain’t that great as I just quickly took them with my mobile. I am just lazy.

13 thoughts on “Office

  1. You make me laugh when you call yourself lazy. You are the most unlazy person I know! You do so many things, Ritva. I guess you’ll be buying yourself a new chair now… 😸

  2. Good to see your office – and laziness is nothing to worry about, its far better than continual, full-on, stressed frenzy. And WONDERFUL to see Veikka on your chair!!! 🙂

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